55 thoughts on “Name a better final mission”

  1. Yeah I really enjoyed 1-3, 3 especially, playing that first cutscene 12:30 at night after I got home from midnight launch and seeing at the time cutting edge foliage of Africa was wild as hell.

    Anyone get to play infinite. I played the single player vs bots beta because Timezone shenanigans and it honestly filled me with dread.

    Worry the Magic’s gone for good.
    Also still mad I can’t play as sanghelli anymore

    • >knows that the Arbiter is an indoctrinated zealot
      >knows that the Covenant religion considers Oracles and their words to be one of the holiest holies around
      >shoots the Arbiter right as Guilty Spark is about to reveal that the Great Journey is in fact a lie
      More like ‘total fucking retard’.

      • Its especially weird because he clearly convinced all or a very large portion of the other Covenant he commanded on the mining platform to side with him.

        • Having an Oracle hanging around is basically a one-way golden ticket to convincing 95% of Covenant believers to join your "heresy". The Prophets were pretty damn retarded to elevate Monitors to such ridiculously high esteem in the Covenant religion given how they will happily reveal Halo’s true purpose to literally anyone who happens to stumble by and ask even the most tangentially related questions.

          • My Halo lorehomosexual skills are years out of date but I would imagine they hadn’t met any sophisticated Forerunner AI before then, they mostly seem to be on Halos and they only found the first one of those after the Covenant were a thing for centuries.
            Mendicant Bias was a thing too but he also only recently showed his colors when they found humans. Even if they wanted to suddenly start downplaying the important of Monitors it was a bit late.

    • I dislike this because when I lived in Belfast, the pub where I met my wife, everyone would sing The Parting Glass near closing time. So I wanted this to be a song for my funeral, but now I worry some homosexuals will thing its a god damned Assassin’s Creed reference.

  2. Halo Infinite is going to revitalize the series the same way Modern Warfare 2019 revitalized CoD, except even better because Halo is fun as fuck

    • No. It’s only getting traction because it’s f2p.
      The one thing that got everyone’s hopes up; the classic armor design language, turned out to be confined to the launch armor sets. Anything they add later will be typical 343 era garbage.

  3. >Game is called Halo
    >Halo is a circle
    >You repeat the end of the first mission in the end of the series’ final game

    wow it really came full circle


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