58 thoughts on “New elden ring post, get in here bros”

  1. Every time I think about Elden Ring my penis gets rock-hard. This will be it bros, I can feel it. The game of the dec-
    The game of the CENTURY is coming
    Elden bros… we’re finally coming home…

  2. I wonder if this game will actually improve on the NG+ from past games. More enemy HP, Damage and a few rings isn’t really good enough anymore.

  3. Why is he suddenly completely silent now after he watched the 16 minutes raw gameplay, he literally doesn’t tweet anything

  4. >zombie-like people carrying torches on the left like in Dark Souls 3
    >guy at the bottom wearing armor that could easily come from Dark Souls 3
    >platform in the center has tons of melted candles like the millions of melted candles in Dark Souls 3

    Let me guess, a lot of the enemies also have irritating screams that they do in battle just like in Dark Souls 3.

    • Not defending the game being "DS3 but Bigger" but they may have recycled a lot of concepts and enemies to save development time. At least they added one new thing… A mount. Will that make it worth it if this is DS3 Part 2? Probably not.

  5. >In the search for the Elden Ring, the adventurous and perseverant will always be rewarded.

    I’m in search of some gameplay blease from


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