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  1. Played it yesterday with a couple of friends. Just some two cents.
    >Drawful Animate is the usual drawful but the animation bit is pretty fun
    >Wheel shit is pretty mixed. How well you do in the trivia bit can give you a bit of an edge but it ultimately comes down to the rng spin the wheel part. A lucky person can end the game by round 2. If you really like rng then it can be fun but there are a bunch of better games if you want a more pure trivia experience
    >Job Job is easily the best of the bunch and probably one of the best new games they’ve made
    >Poll Mine is good but you’ll really want to be able to communicate with your team, preferably vocally. Will probably be a challenge to play with randoms over a stream but with a bunch of friends in a discord call or something it’s great.
    >Weapons Drawn is probably the one that will take a few tries to get down as the overall enjoyment is dependent on how well/creative everyone can hide their letter in their weapons. Don’t really want anyone half assing it or it could get really lame/boring quick, especially since it can get pretty long.
    Overall it’s a solid pack.

    • I tried out the Wheel game with a few friends privately and even played it with Ganker, the pacing of the entire game is bad and the trivia isn’t fun. You Don’t Know Jack had better trivia by a long shot

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          The most interesting aspect of the game was the very beginning where it made you input a question you wanted answered. It would have been much more of an interesting game if that had some kind of play besides the answer you get at the end.

  2. Enjoying hosting on my two friend discords and at a friend’s house when the kids come over. Job Job is pretty popular with everyone.

    • >friend’s house when the kids come over
      I’m actually shocked that there isn’t a kids version of Jackbox. Or a setting you can enable to make the game kid friendly. I guess family friendly mode is that?

    • What do you expect?
      Out of the multiple hosts we did have there are only vplays and homurachan1 left. Everyone else either moved on or was harassed by the botter.


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