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  1. i still refuse to stop laughing at zoomers who think this was an "underappreciated retro classic", BUT I will admit that I went back and played it and yes it is the best 3D RPG since (arguably) VTMB
    and as for "retro", more time elapsed between launch (which was horribly buggy) and now then had elapsed between it (or Skyrim) and Morrowind, which was definitely seen as retro at the time

    • i haven’t heard a single fucker call new vegas ‘retro" or "underappreaciated", it’s always the exact opposite. As for the bugginess, i lucked out because i didn’t like fallout back then but when i did play it i had a bunch of mods to fix it up
      >inb4 mods are for retards
      it’s fun modding the shit out of the game while still keeping the original vanilla feel

  2. >Went into owb with
    >12k rounds for avenger
    >12k shots for gatling laser
    >1100 mfc for gauss rifle
    >50 pulse grenades
    >30 pulse mines
    >300+ 40mm pulse and plasma grenades
    >Spent it all before even going to the last boss
    Holy fuck this dlc drowns you in npc spawns.

  3. I want a mod that adds three different handgun holsters on the player character
    I use Manual Reload so hotkeyeing three different revolvers and jump between them all to then go back one to one and reload them would be ludo as fuck

        • i downloaded a vehicle mod a couple of months back (even though it sucked) is the one in frontier better or something. Also i saw some autist working on vehicles and horses in a random youtube video

          • The dude that made the one for The Frontier, Xilandro, is an honest to god gamebryo autist that manages the equivalent of turning water into wine


          • damn that seems impressive, the one i downloaded was sluggish as shit and was pretty much just sprinting at a faster speed with clunky turning like it’s from roblox. Might give frontier a try after all these years, is it that one where they treat the courier like jesus?

    • depends on your playthrough i guess, do a cowboy run and only use cowboy guns (revolvers, lever action, etc) then try out some mad scientist run where you use laser guns and other stuff. Do an ncr ranger run where you use their guns and armor and side with them etc. Basically do different runs that uses different weaponry so you experience all the guns

  4. It feels like an unfinished game that, if it weren’t limited by a shitty engine and by the poor technology of its time, could have been one of the greatest games of all time.
    So basically an Obsidian game.


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