66 thoughts on “Nintendo should buy the rights to Castlevania”

  1. Nah konamis being way less anti consumer with their legacy content than shitendo
    >Requiem, anniversary, and advance collections all on playstation
    Shits comfy, can’t wait for the ds collection

  2. 1. Konami would never sell
    2. Nintendo already has Mario, DK, Yoshi, and Kirby as 2D platformers. They can also dig up Warioland whenever they feel like it. If they want to do Igavania then they have Metroid, which just became a huge hit within a fairly niche subgenre that does not want to compete with itself

    I don’t personally care if there’s X amount of a genre within the company, I just think they wouldn’t be able to justify it on paper.

      • Did you miss the part where the Netflix show was such a success it managed to get 4 seasons, a spin-off and both Dragon’s Dogma and Witcher got their own animated shows trying to replicate its success?

        • Nobody outside of stupid normies likenand watch that shitshow, even the commie activist who get pander with that trite dont even watch it, and because netflix could be just shilling it

          • >Nobody outside of stupid normies likenand watch that shitshow

            What has that got to do with anything? Money is money, they’re not gonna sell something that makes them money.

  3. just finished the collection what is up with the last one that shit fucking sucked the movement and also the fact that i cleared it in like 10 minutes
    the only good ones were the first and the third one

  4. Name the last time someone sold just one of their IPs to another company but kept all the rest. The only time this kind of thing happens is a full blown company buy out scenario.

    • Duke Nukem and 3D Realms? It went to Gearbox, but 3D Realms was still its own company. Though that situation’s changed by now, since Embracer Group, who has had Gearbox for a little while now, recently bought 3D Realms a few months ago, so both Gearbox and 3D Realms are under the same ownership.

  5. >Makes both an Igavania AND Classicvania
    >Zangetsu is the typical belmont type character and Miriam is the Soma/Shannoa character
    Konami can do whatever it wants with the IP, I don’t care anymore.

  6. >got a switch oled
    >wanted to check out the new metroid but it’s 60 bux for a gaym that’s like 10 hours
    >see gba castlevania bundle for 20
    >loved circle of the moon but didn’t play the other two
    >now i got my metroid fix and i’ve already sunk more hours for less money

    • WTF for. They even gave up on Metroid decades ago.

      >The Netflix show is an absolute massive hit
      Everything is a "massive hit" for 5 mins on that joke of a service.

    • >The cancelation of Castlevania was announced in April 2021, nine months after several women accused Warren Ellis of sexual misconduct.

        • >Spin off
          >Richter protagonist

          Are the writers aware that Castlevania spans centuries and not pad the same CV3 cast/era with bullshit, pointless season arcs?

          • Instead of giving Castlevania to anybody why not ask for Konami to get off their ass and make a decent Castlevania game?

            No, because changing characters would confuse normalhomosexuals or something.

        • The show’s current producers were quick to correct the journo who, as usual, didn’t bother to make sure his info was correct.
          The new head writer is apparently a fan who’s been playing Castlevania games since the 80’s when he was introduced to them through a video game themed cartoon show.
          Not that it matters, because they’re currently being sued by the show’s old producer and the new season’s been all but cancelled.

      • Thank Christ. With Ellis and the poo producer (poo-deucer) gone maybe fun times with Richter and Maria in revolutionary France stands a chance of being decent.


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