20 thoughts on “No threads about the best fighting game of the current generation?”

  1. Literally just uninstalled this shit about an hour ago. Ranked is full of people who never rematch if they lose. The game constantly crashes. Netcode is still dogshit. Launches still guarantee 50% life.

    No thanks.

    • >Ranked is full of people who never rematch if they lose.
      People always rematch me

      The game constantly crashes
      >I play pc and never have this.

      >Netcode is still dogshit.
      Yes, but use a pc with ethernet havent run into to many problems.

      >Launches still guarantee 50% life.
      no they dont lol.

    • Launches always rekt your shit in tekken, except for tekken 4. Hell in ttt2 armor king would literally exit the screen and give your whole family his Jaguar bbc if he launched you.
      It’s part of the franchise. Rounds are short and launchers destroy you. Everything else you said is understandable but high damage did not magically appear out of the blue.

    • Literally the only people who ever dodge are the homosexuals with TTV in their names. I guess it’s because I’m a shitter and they don’t want to stream anticlimactic matches, but they’re still cunts.
      It’s not even a Tekken exclusive thing, these guys have done the same thing in other fighting games, win or lose. I don’t get it.

  2. >is a Bamco character
    >design fits in Tekken
    >can use fisticuffs and bone spikes
    >already has two outfits that can be used in customization and a usable item (piece of wood)
    Rick Taylor when?

  3. The movement in 3D fighting games always ruined for me, the characters move like they shat themselves and are trying to keep the log from falling down their pants

  4. Tekken 7 is a predictable follow-up to a series that’s never aimed particularly high, it may please casual gamers for a day or two but the stagnant ongoing series is definitely in the second tier of fighters way below Capcom or NetherRealm Studios games, and it’s seriously getting old and tired. The lack of depth and subtlety and the emphasis on the offensive, rather than the defensive, puts this squarely two notches below the best in the genre, the shallow gameplay leaves much to be desired from a serious fighting game player. Like the prequels, Tekken 7 is geared towards casual gamers and anyone who’s been exposed to more technical, more dynamic fighting games will quickly pass on tekken. Other top fighters, namely Street Fighter, DoA and MK games have advanced impressively in their latest installments; but the relic that is tekken just can’t seem to evolve, furthermore many combos can be done simply by hitting 1-button, and the nearly "instant-kill" rage art moves are just laughably broken. Instead of a supplying a proper fighting engine, matches in T7 seem to rely heavily on "who can get their super move off first". So many elements of the gameplay don’t even require any sort of skill. In my book, slow motion over and over again also gets old very quickly. And in the end, it’s more of a novelty or gimmick rather than an actual, thought-out fighting game mechanic. But hey, the casual crowd will be pleased!

    If you want something a little more "button-masher-friendly," tekken might be your cup of tea…. Key word, might.

    • Bloody Roar 4 is a predictable follow-up to a series that’s never aimed particularly high. Fans of fighting games may appreciate it since it does offer more than a dozen different characters to play around with, and some of the character designs are actually pretty appealing. Still, this one can mostly be recommended only to those who really like fighting games, in general, or to those who are looking for a casual, anime-style game to play with like-minded friends.


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