58 thoughts on “>"NOOO old games aren’t better it’s just your nostalgia!"”

  1. >Play old game I’ve never played before.
    >It fucking sucks

    For me it was when I played NiGHTS for the first time last month, I don’t know how the fuck anyone could consider that game a classic.

  2. >one thread that says one old game is amazing vs all the threads this past week saying metroid dread is amazing

    hmm. seems like new games are winning

    • I should replay Grandia.
      I can barely remember the outline of the story, let alone the details.
      It’ll be almost like playing for the first time.

      • I haven’t played it for years either, all I remember is that it honestly made you feel like an adventure and care for the characters.

  3. True, but anytime you say that old game is better than the old one people will still just call you a boomer nostalgia homosexual while closing their ears

  4. Games both required less people to produce, and were less popular.
    In any organisation, the more people, the lower the quality, both of the people ( in intelligence, morality, productivity, genuinity, et cetera ) and of the product.

    Small organisations NEED competency and/or passion, or they can’t work.
    Big organisations WILL devolve into social scheming, and so can’t work.

  5. >tries one of the few amazing games that have been filtered through the years
    >wtf all games were amazing back then, it was so much better!

  6. High profile games used to be extremely varied but also backed with a huge budget.
    It’s like todays indies but with ten times the budget so execution and presentation don’t suffer.

  7. This has happened to me lately so many times I don’t even know what to say anymore, games just got worse.
    >Dungeon Siege 1
    >Zelda OOT and Link To The Past
    >Super Mario 64
    >Deus Ex
    >Thief 1 – 3
    >Planescape: Torment
    >Age of Mythologies
    >Metroid Prime
    >FF6 and 7
    >WOW classic

    I played all these games for the first time in the span of 2 years and my mind has been blown so hard that I’m tired of the excuses. New game = bad, no soul. Lmao open world with crafting mechanics and level up system so we don’t have to think about interesting game design at all lets just pump dopamine to engage the player hahahaha

  8. >almost 9 hours and a half just of cutscenes
    Damn, BoF 3 was long, today it would still have over 9 hours of cutscenes, and half an hour of gameplay, being a 10 hours game in total.

  9. I mean, they aren’t, you just have literally decades of games to choose from, and can therefore always choose the best of the best.

    If you just played three random games from this year, and three random games from, say, 2001, you probably wouldn’t find the old games to be markedly better.


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