1. Soulsborne homosexuals get real weird about this game. It’s pretty much the exact same as every other Souls game. It has all the same shitty design choices and flaws. But Soulsborne fanboys will pretend that the flaws only exist in DS2. You’ll see them go on at length about shitty hitboxes and poor collision dectection as if every game in the series doesn’t have the exact same issues. I mean there’s really very few differences between DS2 and the other two games in the trilogy.

  2. I don’t like DS2 because it looks like shit, aesthetically it’s all over the place, I don’t like having groups upon groups of enemies thrown at me, the game would be extremely easy if you weren’t being stabbed through the guy in front of you by his buddy behind him, they leaned too hard into "YOU ARE DEAD DARK SOULS IS SO HARD RIGHT?" literally like 2 minutes into fhe game.

    The PVP was good i’ll give it that, but that’s not enough to make it a good game. I don’t buy Dark Souls for the PVP, that’s just a bonus. The actual meat of the game is fucked.

        • If you actually played the game you’d know there’s 4 inside the room that see you when you open the door and another 2 under the stairs and another 2 in the side room that don’t see you unless you go in and fight and thus attract them via sounds.
          The player in this webm is just showing off by running around till they all got to the middle room.

          You can easily kill the first 4 by funneling them in the doorway and across the bridge leading to that building, it’s not like some RE4 arena where you get locked in the second you enter.

          • I did play it, I’m just saying this video is particularly bad looking when you consider the main criticisms of Dark Souls II. Out of context it looks terrible, even within context it’s pretty terrible design.

          • It does show that those enemies are super easy to space, they have very slow overhead attacks with bad range and little tracking.
            That player only got hit once because he got greedy and traded.

            The only bullshit DS2 ambush is the 2nd ogre behind the door in Aldia’s, the first one you can see his face above the doorway behind some bars and you can even shoot him to activate him that way.

    • Not sure how this meme started but DS2 has wat less bullshit LMAO GOTCHA death than DS1.

      DS1 has:
      -capra demon
      -30 hollow ambush in the church + chaneler that buffs them to 1 shot you with a jumping attack if you have weak armor or haven’t leveled HP
      -forced death on Seath
      -surprise fall to stray demon, 50% HP loss from fall, followed by a hammer to the head if you don’t instantly roll to a corner before the boss activates
      -fall into Nito’s arena, another 50% HP loss followed by the scream attack that hits you from underneath

      • The Nito thing is a good part of the boss fight because the fall makes you panic and then the attack from underneath is specifically timed to punish you for panic rolling. It’s a much more unique way of punishing players for roll spamming than the usual way of just making the boss wait half a second longer than their animation seems like it’ll be. I agree about everything else though.

      • I do not agree as they are
        >ruin sentinels
        >the boss that copies hollow church
        >multiplying skeleton boss
        >2 rat bosses with mobs
        >spider boss with mobs
        >boss that uses another player that can gank you
        >two dragonriders
        >Elana with summons
        >Darklurker that multiplies
        >boss that is just three gank players
        I liked Capra for the scenario of two fast, but low hp mobs that can overwhelm you if you give in to panic, but Christ does DS2 uses that shit a lot, especially in SotS with new invasions.

    • >I don’t like having groups upon groups of enemies thrown at me, the game would be extremely easy if you weren’t being stabbed through the guy in front of you by his buddy behind him
      It’s almost like the game wants you to use the level geometry to separate the groups of enemies.

  3. The zoomer scrote has no identity, no thoughts, no inner voice. He honestly believes his superiors are leeching some nobody’s ideas just like he is. Why even live? Just end your pain.

  4. >watching e-celebs because you are such a fucking retard that you can’t figure out on your own whether you like a particular game or not.

    Reminder that e-celebs have zero authority on evaluating games. They are not renowned critics who studied at a university and got several degrees related to this field, they aren’t game designers who have spent many years inside the industry. They are literally whos, who got popular on youtube by sheer luck, not by their knowledge or merit.

    An opinion of a mouthbreather who browses Ganker is worth exactly as much as an opinion of an e-celeb.

    • Anon, film and novel critics do not make films and novels and there are no *gaming degrees* that give you an authority to speak about them.
      >They are literally whos, who got popular on youtube by sheer luck, not by their knowledge or merit.
      I would say that about other E-Celebs cus they are just 20 minute enterainers, but Matt makes valid arguments about DS2.

      • My main point was that people treat e-celebs as authorities for no reason. Instead of arguing about some part of the game they will deflect it to "b-but Mathotoesis said X!" like some kind of gospel. I almost never see any Ganker discussion where someone would base their argument on some critic or e-celeb opinion, but Ganker for whatever reasons holds these e-celebs as some kind of all-knowledgeable Oracles of wisdom. I’m not saying that every thing these e-celebs say is wrong, but you should argue using arguments on the matter, not by invoking some 3rd person.

    • >They are not renowned critics who studied at a university and got several degrees related to this field
      Good goyim, trust da experts

  5. Considering FROMsoft considers DS2 a far better game than DS1 and DeS, matt was wrong.
    That’s why Miyazaki requested Tanimoros to be the co-director for DS3, this is why DS3 used mostly DS2 mechanics and just sped things up to be more like BB.

    • >Considering FROMsoft considers DS2 a far better game than DS1 and DeS
      Weird statement, why they didn’t keep the DS2 engine with 8 directional controls ?
      >That’s why Miyazaki requested Tanimoros to be the co-director for DS3
      You mean Tanimura ? I don’t see any mention of him making those contributions.
      >and just sped things up to be more like BB
      Then wouldn’t that mean they consider BB a better DS game than DS2, since it is core design that is affected and not some QoL parts

      • DS3 copied these mechanics from DS2 with almost no changes because they worked soo well in both PvE and PvP:

        -estus shards/bones instead of kindling
        -casting magic also consumes stamina to limit spam
        -multi direction rolls while locked on
        -midroll up to 70% weight
        -effigy/ember at any time and get HP penalty removed
        -2 hit stun limit in PvP to prevent infinite stunlocks
        -backstab has a 2 way confirmation via an extra grab animation
        -4 ring slots (plus rebalanced rings so more niche effects aren’t just ignored like DS1 where everyone used Havel’s and FAP)
        -parry frames in the middle of the animation (at the apex of the swing)
        -infusions separate from upgrade levels
        -longer messages with 2 phrase structure
        -reasonable poise levels
        -ultra weapons unpariable when 2H
        -jumping attacks on almost all weapons unpariable
        -guardbreak allows for a riposte
        -blue sentinels to save noobs from reds
        -seeds of giant to aggro PvE to invaders
        -limited respec

        • Those are QoL improvements and not principal core design changes. Like that anon said, DS3 is fast like BB, but nothing that you mentioned makes it such.
          Also you are clearly wrong, since there is no poise in DS3, eat shit.

          • [log in to view media]

            The change to the estus heals, poise, multi-directon rolls, backstabs, parries and the 2 hit stunlock rule are fundamental changes and the #1 reason why DS2 and DS3 PvP is nothing like this trash.

          • >fundamental changes
            And why is that ?
            They only have greater effect in PVP, which is not main principal for which Miyazaki strives for.
            It does not affect which bosses he creates and which environments he uses. He also directly says PVP goes against for what he wanted to establish
            >Indeed, my vision of an invasion wasn’t to introduce PK – it’s more akin to a strong enemy, being controlled by a human. That’s the vision I wanted to achieve. If there wasn’t the system message pop up that said a dark spirit has invaded, the game-play experience should be similar to an offline single player game with a very strong enemy popping up randomly.
            The only reason they can be consider greatly impacting improvements is because they make it less harder to fight off invaders, otherwise DS3 still has better enemy, boss and weapon design and not engine that kills on itself.

          • Poise ruins PvE, at least the way it’s way overdone in DS1 since it’s basically a permanent iron flesh without the downsites: 1 cast that last 1 min and forced slow walk.

            Magic not using stamina allows for black flame, dark bead and great combustion to do more DPS than the best weapon in the game since they have near instant cast speed and you still have a full stamina bar for blocking/rolling while doing this.

            It’s clear they didn’t mean for these situations to happen, they are clear oversights, that’s why shit was nerfed in DS2 and DS3.

        • Aren’t you the homosexual who kept preaching about selective bias in Mauler’s video in other thread, while selectively posting webms from DS1 and DS3 ?

  6. I’m currently playing through ds2 with a friend who knows nothing about souls games
    I’m trying to keep a balance of explaining and not explaining the bullshit, and he says that it’s a pretty fun game so far
    do I tell him about that one troll door in aldia’s keep?

  7. As an individual who has watched the autistic 14 hour long Dark Souls 2 analysis video multiple times I can confirm the game sucks.

    I could’ve done that just by playing the game as well but sometimes I get afraid to support my own opinions.

    One big thing neither of those videos mention is that the PVP is god awful because it matchmakes you with people in a certain soul bracket which means you get level 999 Havel jesters back flipping around with their stupid banana dagger parries.

    • It is easier to use someone’s articulated argument in video format than to throw away a statement that everyone can rebuke with "Have you even played the game?" and other logical leaps.

    • better than demons souls and dark souls 1. pvp was spectacular. the only argument you have is that there are ‘impossible spaces’ in which areas lead into other areas where it makes no logical sense for them to. fine, that’s plastic, but it only makes the game look more dreamy or nightmarish, which is what they were going for anyway!

      it was the best pvp souls game at the time. the amount of customization, weapons, builds, and pvp arenas is what made it good. had the most amount of expansions with new areas and weapons which only INCREASED customization. How can you even complain?? Dark Souls 1 is boring as shit with little replay value. PVP is what sells dark souls 2, and the customization only increases enjoyment. You were all just too pussy to play PVP because you were tired of dieing. (boohoo, posers, wimps, fakes)

      They should have made a more PVP focused Dark Souls after 2 with good arenas like the bell keepers covenant areas, dragon’s aerie, trap tower, lava castle, etc. etc. My god how can you hate that??

      You’re literally parrots. shills. peabrained cowardly little babies. you all say the same fucking thing because you’re even AFRAID TO DIE ON AN ANONYMOUS FORUM.

      it’s like hating on ME3 when it was the best one. babies. you like bare bones games like DeS and ME1. fuck you. die.


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