18 thoughts on “Now that the dust has settled, what have you been playing on your GNU/Linux machine lately?”

  1. I’ve been going through the whole Dark Souls series, and they all work perfectly.
    Same with FFXIV, TF2, Undertale, Spelunky, Muse Dash, and whatever else I’ve tried except for Bit Trip Runner. That’s the only game I haven’t gotten to work at all.

  2. Anyone know why when I try to install some distros that there isnt an option to erase disk when creating the partition? I don’t want to do it manually and find out later that I didnt give it enough space

    • ideally you would create an LVM for sane partition resizing.
      if you really don’t care you can always nuke the partition table.

  3. Mostly Tales of Symphonia, but also these.
    I’m playing a lot of New World too, but I need windows for that because of EAC.
    The Devs are aware of EAC Proton support now, so hopefully we’ll have an answer as to whether they turn it on in the next couple of months.

      • Yeah, but the game just came out and they have more important stuff to work on. Hence why I don’t expect them to give this much attention until closer to the steam deck’s launch.
        I think it’d be silly of them to turn it on and not do any testing.

  4. Hopped on Red Orchestra 2 over the weekend. Player numbers were pretty low, but enough for a full game. Would be nice to have Rising Storm 2 or Insurgency Sandstorm multiplayer working on Linux. Now I’m back to playing the Battlefield games for a bit of FPS multiplayer. Feels strange, but oh well. Day of Infamy was fun for a while, but player count dropped pretty hard.

  5. Has anyone here been able to play the Steam version of Hat in Time in cracked form? I can’t, so I’m resorting to the GOG version instead.

        • how come industry is even considering DX12 at this point?
          is Microsoft bribing developers or something?
          well, all right, I would understand it for developers that Microsoft bought or developers who make xbox exclusives
          but everyone else should be able to see that Vulkan is clearly the superior option, and it will get even better as time passes
          developers are not retarded, at least in most cases, are they?

          • Directx has been the standard for a while now and it’s easier to go to DX12 than to learn Vulkan from scratch

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