54 thoughts on “Oh wow, this "MASTERPIECE" got forgotten so fast, it’s not even funny.”

  1. >yet another game with a black focus that sold poorly

    Wow surely its gotta be some other factors or something can’t be just blacks an already minority exclusively play fighting games, cod and fifa and don’t really care about whitoid selfwank

  2. >IGN: 10/10 games are classics in the making that we hope and expect will influence game design for years to come, as other developers learn from their shining examples.

    >God of War
    >The Last of Us

  3. I feel like the exclusivity deal ruined the game.
    Microsoft probably urged them to finish it and start working on something else while being as silent as possible about the game, while Sony took care of the marketing.
    But I’m almost certain that corners were cut so they could move on.

  4. It’s a good or great one and done game, but the replayability is not there. If nothing else I appreciate it for being one of the rare instances where the protagonist is the most compelling part of the game. Julianna too I guess, but Kelley did a superb job with Colt.

    • The huge delay relaly didn’t do the game any favors. There was some buzz and hype around it before the original release date, but pushing it back almost a year evaporated any help the heavy advertising did for it. Although judging by the buggy PC release, it probably needed all that time.

  5. The constant "banter" is what made me not want to give this game a try, Colt sounds like he’s acting in a Marvel movie and he never seems to shut the fuck up, narrating everything that happens on screen.
    Shut the fuck UP I’m not retarded I can see what’s happening

  6. >Masterpiece
    It’s an 8/10 at best, if you’re willing to play around with different builds. I don’t know what game those journalists played but It wasn’t the one they released.

    • And this is the reason why this game is so controversial here and you’re not allowed to like the game. It’s primarily black characters.

  7. It’s good but not great. It’s forgotten because it has no replay value and doesn’t leave a lasting impression. Let me give my impressions.

    Multiplayer, when it works, is great. The cat and mouse game of invader and hunter is super compelling and easily adds the challenge and planning that the base game AI lacks. The predictability of the static maps goes out the window as soon as another player is there moving around the proverbial dominoes so you can’t guess how they will fall anymore. Invading feels more like a fun challenge than an annoying hindrance because you do get a significant home field advantage as the player against the invader and the rewards
    Sound design is excellent and you can easily identify direction and distance of a character by the sound of their footfalls, which ties in heavily to the multiplayer.
    The style of the game is super interesting and the hot jazzy music, colorful locales contrasted against the arctic environment, and slick retro futuristic 60’s tech makes for a neat place to explore.
    The gunplay feels good, even dual wielding, and for once there is no real punishment for inflicting all the chaos you can manage, but it still requires some planning or to be a fast and brutal hurricane of violence because both you AND enemies deal a lot of damage making combat quick and lethal with the constant risk of it spiraling out of control if you don’t land your shots or run out of ammo as you get outnumbered and have to retreat to change tactics


    • >Cons
      lack of options in ways to approach the final loop is a big fucking slap in the face for a series and developer that usually values and facilitates player expression. Even within individual target kills their routines are super basic and sometimes they are even completely stationary in a single location.
      Game was way shorter than I expected and the things you can change within the loop by setting stuff up early and coming back later are really minor and heavily scripted. Was really hoping for a more clever use of the time loop than just making sure to hit every place at every time to explore it during certain windows. I can feel the diminished scope of this game when crunch and covid forced them to roll back their ambitions.
      Enemy AI is too dumb even after it starts ramping up and the only real challenge comes from invasions, but matchmaking is ass and the hunts are very one-sided because of Colt’s reprisals. Still, Julianna duals are fun and quick and brutal and you can tell a lot of the game’s sacrifices (low enemy count, small levels structured like arenas, limited and easy to identify weapons, plentiful scattered healing items) were done to facilitate it.
      The limit to two slabs is essentially only one because why would you ever give up the sheer utility of shift? And gun variety is a bit lacking too. The gun quality and jamming systems become completely irrelevant within a single loop once you get a good gun and infuse. And infusion is way too cheap and easy. You can almost always infuse every single thing you would want to on every loop.

      >Overall 7.5/10
      Still a good game, but not one worth playing through again and with minimal lore or secrets to uncover and not enough challenge to inspire system mastery.
      There are absolutely things to complain about, but the core game is a lot of fun and worth a try, either on game pass or when it gets a big discount in a month like every Arkane game.

        • Dishonored One is a brilliant game with a great atmosphere, level design, good presentation of a simple story, and lots of player agency. I actually like the chaos system and don’t see it as a punishment but as another neat level of reactivity from the game. The DLC is also excellent.

          Dishonored 2 has some great level design (for some notable levels anyway) and the expansions to the core mechanics are kind of nice, but the aesthetics, story, and characters all take a huge hit. I also don’t like how much they toned down the chaos system from the first game. DotO had one good level but everything that was bad about D2 is even worse in this one and the levels don’t even take advantage of the unique power set of Billy properly.

          Prey was great and Mooncrash was way more interesting than Deathloop for a quick side project.

  8. seriously, what’s there to discuss? obviously you didn’t play the game so you are just stirring shit up, and no im not defending the 10/10 reviews, it’s a solid 8.5


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