A Call of Duty youtuber is livestreaming his legs literally rotting away


onlyusemeblade-shitting-himself-480x293-1Friends and fellow youtubers -- even Keemstar -- have repeatedly tried to get him help, but Brian 'Blade' Risso, the semi-famous Call of Duty youtuber who now resorts to livestreams for drink donations, refuses any kind of treatment that might take him away from his daily routine of getting black out drunk to the point of urinating and defecating on himself.

The lifestyle, combined with his diabetes, has exacted a terrible and grotesque toll on his now partially rotting body. People on Reddit are daily speculating on his imminent demise, with some only giving him months to live.

"Amputation hype"

Users of r/Ice_Poseidon2, a subreddit dedicated to laughing at IRL livestreamers, are closely monitoring his rotting legs in particular -- and cheering on every development even as they realize it can only end in amputation or death.


The subreddit views Blade's leg holes as entertaining livestream characters in their own right, and have created hundreds of memes for them. They are even the subject of a catchy music track that has garnered tens of thousands of listens on youtube alone.


Now they believe Blade's legs are on the home stretch before the inevitable amputation.



Daily livestreams reveal his legs (as well as his lower waist) are starting to take on a brownish purple hue, and his leg holes are rapidly growing bigger and deeper.

Viewers thought it was about to get to the Dial 911 stage last night, as Blade's idiot savant friend from Denmark livestreamed a barely alive Blade wobbling around on a bed and making unearthly obesity noises. His legs and leg holes were clearly worse than ever before, and Bjorn made some attempts to consult an internet doctor about the situation.


It should be noted that not all r/Ice_Poseidon2 users are seeing the journey to amputation as good entertainment. Many are still urging Blade to seek help in futile posts that will go unseen (he is only conscious a few hours a day) or get shot down by one of Blade's many clever catchphrases, such as "scram, b***h" and "you're poor, b***h."



IRL livestreaming keeps getting ever more degenerate as has-beens, gold diggers, and homeless people compete for viewer donations in debauchery and crime filled moron sprees pioneered by Ice Poseidon. Ice Poseidon was an LGBT livestreamer who got his start as a Florida-based Runescape troll and eventually earned upwards of thousands of dollars a day livestreaming the dregs of LA society.


Notice the seeping feet goop.

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  1. 4 years ago


    • 4 years ago

      His next consciousness event is scheduled for 27 hours from now please stand by

  2. 4 years ago

    I think his legs are sexy. Article is bias and jealous. This streamer is living the American dream and you sjw's are trying to bring him down. Leg holes are not even that big of a deal. He owns a Caddy with a wicked sound system. Figure it out AYOOOOO

    • 4 years ago
      scram whore

      Ca$ley protecting her golden goose

    • 3 years ago

      haha S I M P

  3. 4 years ago

    I tried to help Blade by giving him mushrooms and exploiting him fo views last year. I am the only one who helped him. All I do is hide in my room. I only come out when fiends need me. it did not work. Gave up and moved not my real passion. Being featured on Chris hansen was my idea. Wish blade would have listened to me and came on my rv trip. After all i have done for him and all. figure it out. strawbery vision is sexy. ayoo

    • 4 years ago
      Ice Pedosidon


  4. 4 years ago

    Skaaal for the new king yahoooo!!!!

  5. 4 years ago

    who cares? dont like it , don't watch.

  6. 4 years ago

    Karma for being a racist sex offender! FRICK THIS GUY.

  7. 4 years ago

    Leg holes are the new thing.Just watch. This winter all the trend setters will have em.

  8. 4 years ago

    I only donate to him to watch his demise

  9. 4 years ago

    I gave him mushrooms to cure his alcoholism. Not sure why it didn't work lol

  10. 4 years ago

    You don't need legs to livestream dude, figure it out

    • 4 years ago

      In reality I think blade knows in the back of his head that something is really wrong. But he's playing it off with the memes and jokes.

  11. 4 years ago

    Blade motivational speech this is powerful im crying

  12. 4 years ago

    poor b***hes go on a diet, people who have figured it out drink the lard limbs away

  13. 4 years ago
    t. nurse

    Type 2 diabetics have vascular perfusion issues and something called neuropathy where their peripheral limbs lose sensation due to blood flow problems. Sores/ulcers develop, and diabetics have slower wound healing so they will likely get progressively worse if not treated.

    • 4 years ago
      t. nurse

      If he stopped drinking and saw a doctor to start an insulin regimen, he'd probably recover from this pretty quickly.

      But he won't, and diabetes has a way of catching up to you. When you start to have pathogens detected in your blood your body releases more glucose to fuel all the white blood cell activity, and your immune system doesn't stop to check your blood sugar before it asks for more glucose, so your sugar gets even higher exacerbating the problem. Eventually he's going to start having to piss every 30 minutes, and when it's time to get up he'll realize he can't stand, this is diabetic ketoacidosis. He'll have to go to the ER for it to get his blood sugar and fluids under control, and there they will notice his legs, and admit him.

  14. 4 years ago
    Mr Big

    Brian "Blade" Risso, a man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Brian "Blade" Russo will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.
    -Mr Big

  15. 4 years ago

    Hello, I am moderator for Gary. ONLYUSEmeBLADE go ahead and toss me moderator when you get a chance. Thanks.

  16. 4 years ago

    Blade doesn't care. Why should we?

  17. 4 years ago
    Ray Ray

    He must have a death wish because ignoring diabetes will kill you. There are over 100 million pre-diabetics in the United States . Of which 90% will develop full blown diabetes because they ignore it. I just watched him stream and he was eating mexican food and drinking beer and vodka shots so he must want to die.

  18. 4 years ago


    Source: https://neatclip.com/clip/y3595jkez

  19. 4 years ago

    New update from the top leg hole official, Blade himself, shows that the situation is once again WORSE THAN EVER.

  20. 4 years ago


  21. 3 years ago

    let him rot he deserves it for being such a pos

  22. 2 years ago
    Bernie Gores

    Blade should off himself now and spare himself the slow agony

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