71 thoughts on “Our friends at NeoGaf voted on the most overrated games of the last generation, do you agree?”

  1. In botw exploring the world is reward in of itself. If u need trinkets and unlocks to encourage exploration you’re an adhd monkey brain who is underserving of the Zelda series. Botw haters out

  2. Is there any independent site out there that actually holds TLoU 2 in high regard?
    Because it seems to me that only the (((media))) liked it.

  3. What do people enjoy so much about RDR2? Is it just the story components? The gameplay and movement felt so clunky and slow when I tried it and it seemed like there’d just be 40 more hours of the same

    • Mostly the open world aspects for me. Exploring, hunting, fishing, finding weird shit, meeting weird people, honestly the story missions were the least interesting part.

    • It is a slow game, and the story missions are very linear and feel kinda forced if you’re playing an evil character, but RDR2 unironically rewarded exploration better than BOTW. The side quests were mostly interesting and well written, and there were plenty of interesting things you could find, weird situations you could find yourself in, that were off the beaten path and not marked by any map marker or compass icon.

  4. Every popular game is technically overrated in some capacity. There’s this mindset plaguing Vidya, and to some extent other mediums, of the MUST PLAY, and games that excel in certain aspects can get thrown in that category although what makes them shine is the way they decided to commit to choices that make them as good as they are, but that also almost inevitably involves filtering some players.
    Take RDR2 for example: I’m not the most well versed when it comes to it but i’ve seen many people sing praise of its attention to detail, atmosphere, graphics, faithful sound design and whatever else you could praise it for, but do you think someone who’s favorite games are Arcade Racers & Puzzles is gonna give a shit? You can’t blame Rockstar for not catering to a demographic so remote that they wouldn’t ever give a shit anyway
    I know its only natural to want to name the best games ever, and to rank things in general, but I’ve never really thought it worked. Practically every game that gets heralded to a point where you’d expect it to please so many demographics, a virtually impossible & contradictory task.

  5. More or less. I don’t agree with TLOU2 being first, because it actually did get shit from many people at first, and not just here. TW3 deserves a mention too.

    • bro TLOU2 has a Wiki page dedicated to all of the praise it gets.

  6. "Overrated" is a way of saying "it was popular but I didn’t like it" while trying to sound objective
    If you choose to mean that it got too high of scores from critics, then I ask why the fuck you care about the opinion of critics to begin with in a world where you can play every game on the planet for free, whenever you want

  7. RDR2 is pretty good, if not atmospheric as fuck.
    Breath of the Wild was refreshing apart from the typical copy-and-paste Zelda games

    TLOU2 really deserves the award though. Outside of Ganker, no one really gives the form two games grief, yet I’ve heard so much shit about TLOU2 that it makes me question all of the Game of the Year awards its won.

    Also, OP is a homosexual

    • >Breath of the Wild was refreshing apart from the typical copy-and-paste Zelda games
      This ladies and gentlemen is a prime example of a person who never had interest in the series in the first fucking place.
      They just wanted zelda to be yet another boring open world non puzzle oriented, non dungeon crawling, 3rd person game we get every year.
      That is the main reason why I can’t fucking stand BOTW, why I’ll never stand that game, and why for the end of time i’ll continue saying it
      BOTW is fucking garbage and everyone who says otherwise truly has no interest in the series.

      • Yeah that makes sense. BOTW wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t so fuckin’ empty. Same 5 enemies, same dungeon 4 times, no new items to acquire or mechanics to unlock once you leave the tutorial area. Anything even remotely interesting that you can find will ultimately lead to a shrine or a korok seed, so after a couple hours you learn this pattern and there’s no surprises anymore. I wasn’t impressed with BOTW but I gave Nintendo the benefit of the doubt this time around seeing as the creation of the engine/map and the porting to the Switch probably took up a lot of time and resources. But since they’re reusing all of that, if this sequel isn’t the inbred child of ALTTP and OoT on crack then I’m gonna slit some Nips.

        • >if this sequel isn’t the inbred child of ALTTP and OoT on crack then I’m gonna slit some Nips.
          Honestly I hope the sequel is better. As much as I don’t like BOTW I still think there’s SOME potential.
          Environment manipulation, shield surfing, and other movement options they incorporated in BOTW was what I think it did best.
          they could always hire this man though.

          • Yeah, the new engine added some nice mechanics to take advantage of, but in terms of content they should be taking inspiration from ALTTP and OoT, not fucking Ubisoft.

          • Don’t know if the team have the capability to give us that. If the first game showed us what to expect don’t get your hopes too far up
            but eh like I said earlier it can still be better and 10x better then what i’m expecting from them.

      • >Using a Wind Wa(n)ker pseudo-meme
        Fuck you homosexual, without BotW, the Zelda franchise could be dead. WW and Skyward Chore almost killed the Zelda Games for good. Anouma is a crap game director that onkh want to make boring puzzles and "muh cinematic", when the Zelda games were about exploration

        • Again shows just how much your not an actual fan of said games.
          Saying zelda would of died if it wern’t for BOTW is so fucking delusional. The only reason the game got any notoriety was due to the zelda name.
          Also your stating that exploration wasn’t at the main fucking front of the past zelda titles. That’s fucking wrong, even skyward sword had emphasis on exploring and discovering using the items the games given to you.
          Just the fact that BOTW is completely aimless and structure less.
          >Post a youtuber.
          lol no words.

      • >before botw, ocarina was almost entirely considered the best zelda
        >no matter how many times they repeat rhe formula, ocarina is still favored
        >get mad when they try something new that can actually compete
        >don’t even bother playing it, obviously

        • >get mad when they try something new that can actually compete
          borrowing ideas from western AAA games is not something new. Come up with a complain that isn’t >lol didn’t play like a fucking homosexual all you want. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a boring pile of shit that doesn’t know what it wants to be.

          • Shutup. I’m done talking to people like you. Even people who have put more time and effort into this title then I have all come out with the same fucking experience.
            Worlds empty, Combat’s dull as fuck, small enemy variety, and no real structure in terms of dungeon design.
            Yet homosexuals like you will claim "you haven’t played the game" even if you show them legitimate gameplay of said game in general.
            So fuck you and if you have any actual integrity you’d stop fucking saying the same thing in defense of criticism for this lousy sack of fucking generic boring shit.
            If you don’t like zelda games that’s fine, but don’t act as if you are some vocal majority or even a fan of said series. The issues in skyward swords wasn’t the fucking fact that "the formula was getting stale". It’s the fact that the gimmicks and content of that game were shit/over used.

          • shut the fuck up homosexual. Use your brain before posting. Don’t even have save files anymore played it on cemu back in 2018 on an older HD.

    • >yet I’ve heard so much shit about TLOU2 that it makes me question all of the Game of the Year awards its won.
      tl;dr – Sony count more awards and cast a laughably wide net to bolster numbers during ‘their’ years.


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