20 thoughts on “Overall, what’re your thoughts on New World? Is it a good game in your opinion?”

  1. >want to play more and having a lot of fun
    >my friends want to play too but they all do shit all day and can only play for a couple hours a day, sometimes not at all
    >everyone else is powering to 60 while I’m stopped at level 29 waiting for my friends to "catch up"

    God, I want to play so fucking bad but these guys are blueballing me so hard. Ill log into the game and think of all the things I could do and realize I cant do anything because I’ll get EXP and be further ahead

  2. >friend who is poor spends the 40 shekels to get the game
    >claims it will provide "hundreds of hours of entertainment"
    >mfw he stopped playing after 3 days and couldn’t afford to go out with us last weekend

  3. I got my hours worth but I don’t see myself playing to level cap (currently lv.29), the customization is shit and the quests are getting boringly repetitive.

    Will wait for the expansions or updates that make the game more fun like adding transmog for armors you’ve collected, it’s a good base but it needs more refinement.

    gonna play GW2 in the meantime, thanks for reading my blog

  4. I dunno. I enjoyed it during closed alpha but during beta it lost a lot of its appeal, felt like a step back. Haven’t played release version.

  5. It’s only fun if you either start a company with your friends or find a good company to join. Doing PVP/PVE with large groups is the only fun thing about this game, with fighting in a war being the most fun. Once you’ve done that a handful of times, you realize this game doesn’t have much to offer and it should of just stayed with being a pure PVP game. They may have made something truly fun if they kept that their focus and kept working on it.

        • Depends on when you "tried multiple mmos". If you tried them since 2004 then the answer is simple, they’re all the same. MMO’s, of all the genres I know of, are the only one that has aged irredeemably so and that is mostly because the appeal, when they were first made was centered around how new and amazing the internet was. To not only be able to CHAT but PLAY in a VIRTUAL WORLD with thousands of other people? It blew everyone’s balls off back in the 90’s. It was a gay grindfest though back then but now with how normalized socialization is online there’s nothing to offset the skinnerbox so now all you have left are a bunch of silent boring players that camp their discord and grind mounts or homosexualgy cosmetics.

        • Genre for bug people who want to work/be productive without actually working or being productive. They run around clicking on resources believing they are doing something worthwhile and even pay for it.

          • It’s been years and I don’t remember them because I didn’t enjoy it but I’ll list the ones I do remember
            >2010ish: WoW
            >forgot when: Runescape
            >as a kid: that CartoonNetwork one, Fusionsomething
            >last year: FF14

      • ahah is this me?
        >GM Stealing
        >GM Hiding
        >GM Snoop
        >Just run around the wilderness/dungeons looking for people
        >Run up to heavily armed player
        >Shuffe through their inventory quickly find runestone marked home
        >steal it
        >find keys to their house named home
        >steal them
        >they notice me just standing there with my face pressed up against them
        >they pull halberd
        >I fade
        >call friend on second phone line (first is being used for game)
        >we go tearing through their house and loot everything they own in the world
        oh, and
        >yes, I have my own rune marked ‘home’
        made it by stacking 50 tables and setting it on top, then removing the tables
        >enough fall damage to kill anyone in the game
        >loot their corpse when it drops out of the sky
        >have a bag full of 100 house keys named random things, one works
        >house is wall to wall locked poisoned chests
        >none are named

        but yeah mmos are bad


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