64 thoughts on “>Pay for internet”

  1. >spend thousands of dollars on gayman pc
    >use it to emulate console games weeks/months/years after they already came out on "le inferior consoles" instead of playing truly superior PC games
    It’s all so tiresome.

  2. >Be a console "homosexual"
    >play an online shooter
    >BF4 or one of the better COD games
    >There are practically no cheaters
    >Meanwhile, join any lobby of any server of any shooter on PC
    >Oh great, those 3 are flying around the map killing everybody
    >Those guys are using OBVIOUS mods and don’t give a shit
    >Wonder how many people are using SUBTLE mods and get away with it
    I think PC gaming is shit. The only good thing on PC is playing older single player games with higher resolution and better FPS. For example, the best way to experience GTA IV is on the PC. That is about it.

  3. Honestly PS Plus isn’t bad right now if you skipped out on a lot of PS4 games, you get several great games for "free".
    Plus I got a year of it for only $40 at CDKeys.
    Better than Nintendies online garbage, especially since the expansion announcement.

  4. PC gaming died a few years back when mining picked up. Literally every single PC advocate here is suffering from severe sunk cost depression.

  5. I rarely play multiplayer, but if I do I’d rather pay to play on PS5 where everyone has the same performance and hacking and cheaters are less rampant. You get what you pay for, PlayStation is a walled garden service, you pay to keep third worlders out and get free monthly games

  6. >Pay for internet
    >Pay for PC casing
    >Pay for PC GPU
    >Pay for PC CPU
    >Pay for PC heatsink
    >Pay for PC power supply
    >Pay for HDD and/or SSD
    >Pay for mouse
    >Pay for keyboard
    >Pay for USB controller
    >Pay for monitor
    >Pay for chair
    >Pay for desk
    Such is life for a PChomosexual

    • >"ps5 has no games"
      False. But, what does it matter? All you know how to do is slap a keyboard and spit out things you’ve seen others say. No amount of facts or evidence would satisfy you. This has been an exercise in futility on my part, realized only now as I type this.

      Tl;Dr have a (you) for your bait


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