69 thoughts on “>People still pay for video games”

  1. >all people turn into pirates
    >games stop selling
    >no money to make games because no one buys them
    >you just play f2p shit and retrogames forever
    You miserable leechscrote, be thankfull some people are supporting your hobbie.

  2. You only hate paying for games because you’re an adult now and feel bad for your parents and hoe they spent hundreds of dollars on your games as a kid that made you the way you are now

  3. Pirate to try games, play out of print games, or remove DRM all you want, but if you pirate everything you can’t really complain if you’re never catered to.

  4. I’m rich so I pay for every single game I play lmao, mean while you put together some toaster computer and pretend you’re cool for stealing Resident Evil, Gamecube version. I guess that’s life for a third world homosexual who’s worth less than my underwear


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