1. >unfinished build of the game
    >running on a base xbox one
    You’re actually retarded if you think that they even have the ability to make it look worse graphically than ds3.

  2. Are you surprised? they havenโ€™t changed their engine in a long fucking while, hope you like being vulnerable to cheaters at all times!

  3. Why does everybody think that all games should be rockstar quality?
    fuck off homosexual if the art style is good then I don’t mind outdated graphics

    • You seem to be confused friendo.
      There is caring about graphics, and there is caring about shit graphics.
      Complaining about graphics of final fantasy 9 or counterstrike is retarded, because those graphics were acceptable for their time.
      Complaining about shit graphics is perfectly understandable. A major studio game coming out in 2022 having flat textures, shit lighting, ugly trees and plastic rocks? That’s a perfectly reasonable criticism to anyone that’s not a super reductionist shill cunt like you.
      What you underage cucks seem to fail to understand is when you cut corners, you start cutting where people can’t see first. So shit graphics are often an indication of an underlying problem, because it means corner cutting has gotten so pervasive that it has started to affect the presentation, and presentation is a first impression, so if they don’t care enough to polish the first impression, they didn’t care enough to polish the underlying system eithers. So caring about graphics is caring about the product overall you fucking scrote.

      Also if you haven’t noticed this is all we’ve seen so far, what are they supposed to do? talk about the story and gameplay which we haven’t seen yet? Or are we supposed to wait until money has been wasted on it to acknowledge it’s shit? Shut the fuck up consoomer shill.

  4. I’ve never got into Souls games at release day, always played them about 2 years afterwards
    I’m scared bros, I think I’m gonna have to break my "never buy shit on day 1" rule

  5. >Still somehow trying to force a tortanic when the response is positive
    Not even the original tortanic has sunken yet mind you

    • >recorded on hardware from 2013
      I don’t see the problem.

      The foundation of the game had to be gimped to run on that garbage hardware. I’ll bet with 99.9% confidence that you probably got frustrated at one point due to a multiplat title being held back by being designed for last gen hardware.
      >suddenly not a problem anymore
      Yeah ok soulshomosexuals.

      • I don’t care about graphics in Fromsoft titles.
        I can put up with Bloodborne on the PS4, this will be in improvement to that in every way, which is good enough for me.

        • Sure, as long as the gameplay evolves and improves somehow (not convinced yet). But I don’t really understand your comparison with Bloodborne, since DS3 was on the PS3 and that game was on the PS4. This is basically another PS4 game, and it almost seems like a graphical regression somehow.

          • >this one is an open world title.
            Yes because making a good game is not the priority. Miyazaki knows soulstrannies will buy his trash game no matter what and he wants to capture the skyrim audience.

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