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  1. >Ganker friend visits last year
    >hook him up with several ebooks he was interested in checking out
    >over a year and he hasn’t even touched the first one

    • I’ve had plenty of friends recommend I read books, to which I say "Oh yeah, that looks cool, I’ll check it out sometime." just to be polite, with no intention of ever actually reading it.

      Might be a similar scenario.

  2. >get friends
    >they say the same shit every day like a prerecorded line or something
    >they never have the same interests as you
    >complain about anything you want to do but expect you to do what theyre interested in without complaining
    fuck you

    • >>complain about anything you want to do but expect you to do what theyre interested in without complaining
      oh yes I hate this
      I unfriended them, never been happier

      >after decades of friendship, realize they never really liked you to begin with
      >worldlessly drift away

      >after decades of friendship, realise you have nothing in common with them other than you went to the same school and enjoyed 1 or 2 vidya or show a long time ago, realise your friends are npcs that you could never count on, be disgusted at the idea of inviting these flakes to your future wedding
      >look for new friend circle
      millennials were a fucking mistake

  3. >used to play mw2 and lol with the guys in high school
    >bit awkward with my adhd, couldn’t play for more than ½-1 hour
    >entering and leaving calls all the time sucked as well
    >in the end i just left and enjoyed vidya by myself

  4. >friends are all depressed they say and just repeat the same game they’ve been playing the last 10 years
    >they get mad when i say they should probably do something else then instead of the same circlejerk over and over again

    Yeh fuck that noise im not a psychiatrist

    >anon depression is bad and they cant just cure it
    Correct but i swear to god playing 10 years league of legends probably fried their brains ages ago

    • I thought I was the only who did this. I haven’t gone full sensui yet, but analyzing a series and it’s games is nice to talk about out loud…

  5. I’m actually honestly considering putting in effort to get a games/animation/art community for adults set up in my local area.
    I live in a college town, so I KNOW there’s some homosexuals around into that shit since they have an active game/anime club at the university and those people have to graduate eventually and a lot don’t leave town after.

    Not sure what to call it though. Was trying to come up with something that’s got a good ring and has a fun acronym.
    But the only thing I’ve really come up with so far is something like "Games Art & Animation Group – G.A.A.G". Not sure if gagging is what I wanna invoke though.

    • thats a cool idea
      only thing is I’d be weirded out by the social misfits that show up irl, people with freckles freak me out as well

      the best thing about Ganker is everyone here has good taste and can give/take bants, and I can’t get disgusted by how you look

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        Oh I know all about that kinda shit. When I went to college (a different one from my hometown), I was the video game head for that college’s gaming club for like 4 years.
        Ran an open gaming meetup literally every available Friday I could of just 12 hours straight in a conference room with a suitcase full of my game consoles inviting anyone to bring their own shit or find something there to play.

        We got some REAL autists at times. Huge gay black dude that could barely talk to anyone, ugly ass asian kid that just sat on his laptop the whole time, guy that looked like a thumb and was turbo retarded, etc.
        Still things were really fine and fun most of the time. The freaks were by far the minority and we got way more cool regulars that were reasonable.

        • needs to be a gaming group for antiwoke chads

          I remember I made a joke in a game design course about women not being able to read maps, and some fat guy with glasses got offended

          he also had a picture of his girlfriend in his wallet and she looked like a piglet

          • yes, a physical wallet, a lot of people still use them, but this happened ~10 years ago

            also despite being in a game design course, only 1 person there even knew what neogaf was
            I ended up quitting cause I felt like I was in the wrong place

          • >also despite being in a game design course, only 1 person there even knew what neogaf was
            I ended up quitting cause I felt like I was in the wrong place

            I can relate. Went to school for animation, but 99% of classmates just seem to be there because they have rich parents and want to do something "easy".

          • also the course was waaaay too easy and the teachers only knew how to make 2d shit and didn’t know any useful tips for drawing

            youtube is my teacher now

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            I feel you. I didn’t join the course because I really cared for animation in particular, I just wanted to get good at drawing. Unfortunately, we spent very little time actually learning to draw. Luckily the school allowed me to take time off, so I left for a few years while I grinded out my drawing, then came back to finish up the course to get my toilet paper diploma.

            It’s incredibly demotivating though. The only times I’d ever seen anyone fail were turbo stoners that would constantly skip class and couldn’t draw characters with their feet on the ground, otherwise it was basically just "show up to class and we’ll give you a diploma by the end of it." It sucks feeling like there’s no use putting in effort because any retard can make it through.

  6. >all my friends just play GTA, CoD or competitive trash like cs and valorant
    >finish 9/10 amazing singleplayer games every now and then and can never talk about them since no one gets them
    arena shooting games cause braincancer

  7. >play an amazing game
    >recommend it to friends
    >they continue playing shit games
    >they eventually try the amazing game but give up because they suck

    I got so fed up with this, I ditched them
    not wasting time on wishy washy loser friends with no taste

  8. >play an amazing game
    >go talk about it to friends
    >remember that my friends don’t play as much or play only casual games so can’t talk about them or they’ll just get weirded out
    It’s a special kind of hell.

  9. >watch great film
    >read incredible book
    >play fun game
    >shoot huge load
    >no one to share them with
    pic related, its what i don’t have

    • I feel you. I’m on the verge of making a medium account or some shit to start writing on whatever I liked. Don’t care if anyone reads it.

      • I do podcasts with some similar minded fellas. Possibly the best vidya podcast in our country just because everyone is a hardcore fanatic and know shit ton about vidya.

  10. >play hgame
    >it has insane amount of content, deep story & lore, really good gameplay, and an ambiance that sucks you in like nothing else
    >consider it the best game I’ve played of the last 5 years easy
    >can’t ever talk about it irl because in the end its still a hgame with its fair load of grape scenes and HUOO moments
    thats not fair

  11. >have friends and play games together
    >have to put up with their ignorance and lack of team work to keep friend group
    >get tired of them and play alone now
    >happier than i ever was playing with normies
    Grass is always greener and such


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