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  1. >join match
    >team got no commander so take the role
    >start helping team
    >few minutes later someone asks if i got a mic
    >no sorry

  2. I tried for a few matches. The first round was really fun and it felt like our team sort of had a plan. The other 2 just felt like a more brutal version of battlefield.
    It didn’t quite tick the box that project reality does.

    >Wooden fence is left unscathed after stopping a tank shell

    • I understand completely what you mean, Anon.
      But I have to point out that if you’re referring to OPs gif, you are retarded, because it’s made of stone.
      I still agree with you, tho, but this is Ganker.

  4. >try HLL after friends shill it
    >forced to speak to people because the devs can’t be bothered to implement a proper communications system
    >immediately refund the game

  5. i keep top scoring and ending rounds with less than 5 deaths
    how are people so bad at this game? no massive amounts of UI telling them where to sprint to?

    • People tunnel vision on stuff they want to attack, even in other big open area games like battlefield which has the same principles, people have learned to run out of cover etc because they are eager to have an impact and in games like battlefield with a longer time to kill on most weapons you can make a few mistakes here and there and risky plays are more readily rewarded or at least not as heavily punished.

      You take those acts and put them in a game where 1 nerd with a k98 can kill people at 500m easily and you’re bound to have a few people who always farm kills.

      • >You take those acts and put them in a game where 1 nerd with a k98 can kill people at 500m
        not really. longest kill ive ever gotten withr ifles was about 300+ish meters. idk if your playing on 4k or whatever tho.

        n00bs get absolutely fucking raped in this game tho.

        • Tank rounds are bizarre, people just ignore a giant hulk of death and destruction for some reason. I swear a lot of the players in this game don’t have object permanence or maybe it’s just a communication issue. The amount of time I’ve spawned in on a garrison and nobody tells the new wave of guys to look out because there’s an enemy push/machine gun/tank/whatever causing havoc.

          • that was on kursk. infantry cant really do anything on kursk unless the team is extremely well organized and motivated. if its just a bunch of people that dont care and dont try because they just want to come home from some shit job and self medicate with weed/beer/meth/fentanyl then they have no hope at all.

            hopefully they buff the AT gun soon, it NEEDS a better tranverse rate and some slow movement.

          • >the AT gun
            Man, incredibly stupid move that this is locked until level 4 or whatever it is, I hate that so much.

          • yeah. the AT guns sucks dick tho so it doesnt even matter. it takes so much cordination and most people just dont care enough to help. but yeah ive played so much that i forget how low level most people are. supposedly they are going to put in heavy AT guns like the flak 36 and m5

            its only a medium tank gun too. so it is worthless vs heavys unless you flank massively and get lucky

  6. this game has the worst gatekeeping out of anything i’ve ever played and the people playing it take it way too seriously. it’s a shame cause it looks great on my 3090

  7. I’ll play HLL again when I find the patience for dealing with command channel chat. I almost exclusively SL and I get so burnt out trying to lead a squad while also balancing what the team needs in terms of spawns and nodes. I wish I could just direct chat with another squad leader like in Squad.

  8. […]

    Do shotguns exist? Are they only on pc?
    I heard flamethrowers are coming but not sure how they would be implemented. I guess they’d be alright in the trenches

  9. >join match of hll
    >our team has zero nodes up
    >retards on arty draining our ammo points
    >three solo rider tanks in the field

      • >im lvl 191
        Damn. You’ve been playing longer than me. I’m on console so I’ve only been playing for a few weeks. I’m so glad this game released even though I’m a console beta. This year has revived my love for gaming.

  10. 90% of Ganker wouldn’t like this game because they are such shut in retards that they wouldn’t even be able to work up the courage to turn their mic on and interact with strangers in to play the game properly

  11. I want to because it has the best tank gameplay I’ve ever tried but I keep getting kicked for not having a mic
    That or my team always has three tank squads, each with just one player trying to solo


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