56 thoughts on “>play video game”

  1. >play video game
    >hear dad come home
    >take off my pants like a good boy
    >dad inseminates me
    >get back to enjoying my video game with a huge smile

  2. >playing csgo
    >comp match, close to finally ranking up
    >dad gets home and knocks on my door
    >asks if he can talk with me
    >I tell him to fuck off, I’m playing with my friends
    >he says its really important
    >yell at him to fuck off again
    >continue ignoring him
    >finish my match
    >go out to ask him what he needed
    >whole family is sitting there crying
    >my grandma had suddenly and unexpectedly passed away
    I also lost the game of cs

  3. *dad comes in*
    >did you do you’re homework?
    >y-yes dad…
    >show me.
    What do bros? I didn’t actually do my homework I was just playing vidya :^(((

  4. I would pay $1000 for a timer that tells me how long I have until my parents get home from shit. I never know how long I have to sober up and I think they know I’m on drugs


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