55 thoughts on “>player character is best girl”

  1. I still find it completely stupid how Robin was wearing the whole regalia of the enemy nation symbols and all including a hand tattoo and nobody ever commented.

  2. Poor Kris, always forgotten after Corrin, Robin and Byleth hit the scene. And now he/she is going to be more forgotten whenever we get that 6/7 remake that lets you pick Mark’s gender.

    • Robin (and Corrin to a lesser extent) is impossible to judge, thanks to the robust character creation. One FRobin could look a thousand times better than a MRobin, which in turn could look way better than another FRobin.

    • True, but I’m just going off their canon designs.
      Also forgot to mention, FKris > MKris

      Good taste

      Literally wrong on EVERY account, well done.

      I can get preferring FRobin over MRobin because both designs are great, a little less with Byleth since FByleth’s design is pretty bad outside of her tits imo. But I’ll never understand how anyone could like MCorrin over MCorrin, the design and personality works so much better with a girl.

      • Not that guy, but I started out liking MByleth more, then I played a game with FByleth. Now if I try to play with MByleth, he’s the one that looks weird and out of place.

        I completely agree on MRobin and FCorrin being superior though.

      • >But I’ll never understand how anyone could like MCorrin over MCorrin
        I know what you meant to type, but that gave me a laugh.

    • MRobin is more popular than FRobin, who caught up in popularity some thanks to Heroes
      FCorrin BTFO MCorrin so badly it’s not even funny
      FByleth is far more popular than MByleth


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