102 thoughts on “Post a video game that has hurt the gaming industry”

  1. World of Warcraft is the only answer.

    So many good games that took shitty systems from wow.

    Games as a service basically came about partly inspired by WoWs online sub.

  2. DOTA. I mean original DOTA, on WC3 custom games. That means no fucking decade of MOBA drowning out every other game. No cancerous LoL. No embarrassing DOTA 2. Casuals take longer to flood into the video game scene.

  3. A lot of people don’t want to admit it since the game itself is great, but its popularity shifted the industry into focusing on high budget AAA movie games. Studios quit pumping out experimental and innovative AA titles to try and replicate MGS’ storytelling instead.

  4. Arkham Asylum’s ‘freeflow’ combat and detective vision essentially ruined a great deal of subsequent combat systems and stealth games.

    Without freeflow, developers wouldn’t be falling back on highly tethered animation routines which undermine spacing/attack ranges. Arguably the influence of Souls rectified this trend, but it originally always was the norm with old character action games/beat em ups.

    No detective vision would force games to more naturally highlight things in the environment, and put greater emphasis on level design in allowing enemy routines to be visible/avoidable. No seeing through walls in Tenchu.

  5. Skyrim
    World of Warcraft

    I’m sure both have been said ITT a thousand times, but I’m saying it again.

    Fuck both of these games fans, willingly eating shit and then forcing that shit lifestyle on everyone else.

  6. Kaizo mario for being the virtual genesis of intentionally shitty to play games that was interpreted as "skills". As well off as starting off a whole generation of homosexualry of retards that think their ability to tolerate shit is a positive thing.
    So many garbage games would hilariously get "filtered" as the trash they are but manage to survive from retards that can use it to pretend their some elite caste of gamers and not just sunken cost fuckers that can’t accept that they aren’t actually as cool as they think they are.

  7. 1993 – Mortal Kombat
    1997 – Final Fantasy VII
    1998 – Metal Gear Solid
    1998 – Half-Life
    2001 – Halo Combat Evolved
    2001 – Grand Theft Auto III
    2004 – World of Warcraft
    2005 – Resident Evil 4
    2005 – God of War
    2006 – Gears of War
    2007 – Assassin’s Creed
    2007 – Bioshock
    2007 – Call of Duty 4
    2007 – Mass Effect
    2007 – Uncharted Drake’s Fortune
    2009 – Batman Arkham Asylum
    2011 – Dark Souls
    2011 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    2011 – Minecraft
    2013 – Gone Home
    2013 – The Last of Us
    2013 – Depression Quest
    2017 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Anything else?

  8. not a video game but marvel movies, especially ones after the first avengers movie
    the marvel cinematic universe and joss whedon have basically ruined most character writing in video games
    everything is quips, quips, quips constantly and never ending
    if I was forced to put a videogame instead of a movie here I would point the blame at portal 2 (not its own fault) or Borderlands 2 (actual dogshit, just mass-market dogshit that caught on for some reason)

  9. Probably one of the first online shooters, because it created a terrible culture that persists today, and just gives all the worst people something to group up around. Or at least the first game to use chat, since it just turned toxic and stayed toxic for decades. Whatever the big Xbox live game was.


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