51 thoughts on “Post the 9 best video games you have ever played.”

  1. In no particular order
    Thief: The Dark Project
    System Shock
    Super Metroid
    Max Payne
    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
    Maybe Majora’s Mask
    Maybe REmake
    I guess I don’t have 9.

  2. phone posting and didn’t read the thread but mine are:
    fallout new vegas
    devil may cry 3
    nier replicant
    diablo 2
    mario galaxy 1
    dishonored 1
    baldur’s gate 2

  3. […]

    >MGS V as anyone’s favorite
    It helps if you pattern seeking brain and Skull Face as a Tyler Durden style figment of Venom’s imagination meant to remind him of his individuality as he struggles under the hypnotic conditioning meant to convince him he’s Big Boss.
    The mission in which he finds the vocal cord parasite production lab, and encounters Skull Face, where the screenshot I used comes from? A torch and burn Op where he was covering up his own crime: the Man on Fire doesn’t exist, or rather, it’s him escaping the flaming ruins.
    Skull Face’s plan to eliminate the english language and initiate a new cold war? Venom’s own. He doesn’t respond to Skull Face in the jeep sequence because he would be talking to himself: rather the scene is Venom explaining his own motivations to the player.
    Child Liquid escaping Mother Base with Sahelanthropous, even though it creates an unresolved plot hole? Orchestrated by Venom to initiate the New War Order.
    Do you really think the events were happening in the 1980’s? Parasites explaining everything, really?
    It’s all happening now, present day. Nanomachines, son.
    Do you think the Game not being finished, and A Hideo Kojima’s name being removed from the box before release following his public firing from Konami was not intended by La Creatividad himself?
    It’s meant to induce the feeling of a phantom pain.

  4. […]

    Bottom right is a chilled out, atmospheric beat em up/life sim. You play as a delinquent and go through your last year of school, be that through studying, fighting or just squatting on the sidewalk smoking with your boys. Very nice, melancholic vibes.

    • <- 3×3 only games made 2015 or later, same poster as

      Only actually played Super metroid and nier out of those games, good games. Thinking about playing demon’s souls one day just because I’m curious about it



      +Dark souls, +H3, -Oot 2/3, did you like replicant better than automata and why?

      Those games look weird

      3/7 + Ghost Trick, AoE II, UT, – Portal, MGS2, Hotline, MGS3

      2/6 + RE2, DeS, – RE4, MGS3, NieR, MGS: PW

      0/8 wow, – DaS, MGS3, Gaylo 3, Doom, NieR (remake is shit and has a butchered soundtrack), RE4, TW3, SH2
      just dropped a magic playthrough of DaS an hour ago after getting fucked about in Ash Lake, have to force myself to enjoy the game, nowhere near as good as DeS or BB

      3/4 + BB, Max Payne, UT, – HL2

      1/2 + TS2 based, – Mountain Blade

      -Sotc, +Hollow Knight

    • I’m surprised to see Outward on anyone’s list. What exactly did you like enough about it to warrant putting it on there? I had fun, but the world felt way too barren for a second playthrough.

  5. Don’t know how to make the image, but Dark Souls, Hollow Knight, Hades, Minecraft, Skyrim, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Sekiro


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