73 thoughts on “Post your favorite video game robot Ganker.”

    • To get the obvious ones out of the way there is the Megaman and Super Robot War series. But you also have games such as Panzer Paladin, Transformers Devastation, Super Control Mecha MG, Mischief Makers, Chibi-Robo, and Chibi-Robo Clean Sweep.

  1. >be video game series all about robots
    >slowly fade away into obscurity as the two furshit copypaste mon rival series are what survives into modern era
    I fucking hate this timeline it’s unbelievable.

        • The Monitor merely performs the duty of its installation. To further fear it is redundant; to hate it, heretical.

          his new masters were fucking stupid. there’s a reason the forerunners created and activated the halo rings. they knew there was no hope against the flood once they were unleashed. modern humanity in halo were completely disrespectful to their wise ancestors. they conquered the galaxy and became its most advanced race. it’s insulting that modern humanity thought they knew better. master chief should’ve activated the halo ring. now the flood are gonna consume everything. good job.

          • And yet Halo 1-3 showed that the Flood could be stopped before they started without ending all life in the galaxy.

          • no lol. after halo CE the flood remained on the installation. that’s why they were present in the mission the oracle. after halo 3 the flood remained on the ark. that’s why they were present in halo wars 2. when they took over high charity they also took control of a bunch of covenant ships which they could use to spread across the galaxy. the game has us believe that the elites stopped any flood controlled ships from leaving high charity but those fucks couldn’t even stop the brutes from reach earth so i doubt it. the halo universe is fucked. the flood have been unleashed and in time they will consume everything. if halo franchise ever has a definitive ending it must end with the reactivation of the rings. all other outcomes are anime tier asspulls.

          • But they didn’t. The contaminated outpost was dropped into the core of a Gas Giant and subsequently crushed and incinerated everything on it and what survived on the ark was permanently shielded with no way out. Gravemind had no time to infect anywhere else because self preservation had to come first with stopping Truth and that’s why there were no other infection attempts.

          • i’m screenshotting your post for when infinite inevitably reveals that the flood are still out and about and causing all kinds of trouble for the galaxy. then i will laugh at you.

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