72 thoughts on “Rate the Hollow Knight map out of 10”

  1. the map is the only good thing about this game, 8/10. everything else is terrible though, and they fell for the "featureless white indie blob character" thing.

  2. 6/10
    Shitload of wasted space, generally way too huge and reeks of padding, quite open, but due to the nature of the game going in the "wrong" direction can result in very large amounts of wasted time and knowing which direction is the "right" one is not always easy.

    >*Hollow Knight devs make a game that you can explore and find many satisfying secrets and hidden bosses*

    • >many satisfying secrets
      What large have zero gameplay impact and are thus useless
      >and hidden bosses
      Most of those aren’t so much found by exploration as waiting until you have the right movement upgrade

  4. It’s a good thing i’m on Ganker and destined to die alone because if not and I had still played this game I would keep a magnifying glass on hand every waking second of the day to give to my kid and tell them to burn every bug they find.

  5. I love the gameplay of hollow knight but I’ve dropped it twice now due to getting lost or annoyed at the backtracking. Doesnt help that my sense of direction is bad.

    Should I pick it up again and try to power through it?

  6. I’m too much of a "what do they eat?" autist. It’s a good map, but there should be some areas where we see ruins of farms (fungal wastes might be a good place to put them), and Kingdom’s Edge right next to the main city makes no sense.

    There are some nice touches, though. Like Blue Lake being the source of the city’s rain.

  7. I hate Crystal Peaks so much.
    And I was disappointed with City of Tears. With the way characters were talking about it, I expected the place to be filled with NPCs and shops and whatnots. But it’s just completely abandoned.
    I stopped playing shortly after, so I’m not going to rate the map overall, since I haven’t even finished it. But the rest of the locales were pretty nice.

    • >But it’s just completely abandoned.
      that’s the point, dumbass.
      You’re supposed to get there and wonder what the fuck happened, and then you play enough and you learn what the fuck happened.

      • I know it’s the point homosexual.
        But all the time I spent playing I was looking forward to going there, because the game sets up the expectation that it’s this huge, bustling place, but when you finally get there it’s literally nothing.
        After all the previous areas that were filled with danger and crazy shit, I was expecting CoT to be some sort of reward. But it wasn’t. It’s just another area filled with enemies and traps and shit.
        That’s why I found it disappointing. Again, it does make you wonder why it became the way it is, but I don’t want to think about that shit. I just wanted more quirky NPCs and more shops with new abilities.

        • >I just wanted more quirky NPCs and more shops with new abilities.
          nailsmith and the guy who buys the artifacts for geo are in there

          • True. And the singing butterfly is also there. They’re cool, but not enough to make CoT a lively place like I had pictured.

        • Why would you expect a bustling city in a game full of death, where even the bug mayor or whoever says that any bugs who go down there die and he’s proven right? The entire region was dead or insane save for a rare few, that was the point. Why did you think there would be some cool working city in the middle of that?

          • I don’t give a shit about lore reasons.
            I just wanted a comfy city. I already have no idea what the story of the game is because it’s basically told in riddles and cryptic bs.
            Environmental storytelling is shit and unfortunately this game seems to have it aplenty.

  8. For me, it’s the Fungal Wastes. There’s just something so incredibly nostalgic about it. I don’t know if that’s because of the colour scheme or the trippiness of the mushrooms or the music or what, but it’s always felt like home.

  9. The basic map? Something like 9/10. It has variety and a lot of fun/well thought-out connections.
    In terms of each individual area’s layout, more like 6 or 7/10. The platforming just isn’t that fun. You have a few fun areas and a few fun abilities, but the endgame, where you should be able to just fly through areas that you already know and blitz through new ones, just doesn’t have any of that. All a final pass through the game does is highlight how empty the rooms you’ve already explored feel. Most metroidvanias have this but Hollow Knight has it particularly bad.

  10. >All those long hallways and small rooms
    Looks like it’s trying to give the illusion of being large, but ends up just being a complete clusterfuck.
    I’ve seen worse, 6/10

  11. 7/10. I like that everything is connected and that the different areas make sense in the context of the setting, but the "intended" path is a complete mess. You’re supposed to pass by the fog canyon without knowing if that’s what you’re supposed to do, you’re supposed to turn tail on the mantises and go back towards where Hornet was to get to the City of Tears and then you have to reach the resting grounds somehow? I don’t even remember how. And then afterwards, good look finding the way to go up the city of tears.

  12. I would give it 2/10 , i gave up trying to find where to go like 2 hours in , i hate this in games,stop wasting my fucking time.It’s like the 2D version of old doom and quake games where you have to find some dumbass switch or key to progress…i just wanna play the fucking game if you would let me , but nah you have to pad the game with "exploration" , well no thank you.

    • It’s sad that many people get filtered by either dying constantly when they need karma or just get lost somewhere and never even get to important npcs

    • All the different areas are neat and all but many people who dropped the game did it becayse they ended up in the drainage system, chimney canopy or similar
      Without adding anything that would make it worth it to investigate those areas(lore pearls don’t count) the game would benefit from being linear until you meet Moon(or just removing the drainage system from the fucking game, it’s anti-fun)

    • every map people have made looks just eh
      but ingame it’s a 6~8/10 depending on the area, and mostly taking point down due to foreground/background art sometimes fucking you up

  13. 9/10
    There are some fairly forgettable areas, like the howling cliffs and queen’s gardens or royal waterways to an extent, and some screens are way too empty, but man does it have an amazing atmosphere.

    • this is what gets me. no intimacy with or between levels. interconnectivity is what makes Metroidvanias so fun. Looking at this you dont see any of that. One sector of Metroid Dread has more depth, interconnectivity and fun progression than HK

      • >queen’s garden spills out into greenpath
        >lake of unn fills greenpath with acid
        >mantis village defends from deepnest
        >the tramway is a literal tramway which goes through multiple zones
        >the blue lake constantly drips water down into the city of tears
        >royal waterways is the city’s sewers
        >moths live with the magic light crystals
        It’s valid to say that there’s not a huge amount of interconnectivity within one zone, but you’re literally just a gibbering retard if you think there’s no interconnectivity between them.

      • That’s bullshit and you know it. Dread is so fucking lazy with its area connections, they’re all teleporters or elevators

    • 7.8/10

      once you get to know the map, it actually feels really small. I wouldn’t mind if it was bigger, I hope Silksong is enormous.

      Not sure what you’re getting at here. You will definitely know when you’re close to the Crystal Mines when coming from the Crossroads, same with going to Greenpath from there, because the scenery changes accordingly as you get closer. Even in places where there is no obvious gate between zones, you can tell that you’re close to one zone while being inside another at several places in the game. From the top of my head, while at the Nailmaster’s Hut, mushrooms completely cover the walls and the roof, indicating that you’re right next to the Fungal Wastes. Same thing right by the the Dashmaster statue, there are pipes sticking out from the right side of the wall, and water is pouring out from them, indicating that you are right next to the Royal Waterways.

    • Good take
      Greenpath / Fog Canyon was the only area that seemed to mesh well.
      They should’ve put Crystal Peak lower, maybe switch it with Queens Garden, and then put Fungal wastes below that.


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