>Remove Protestors. >$180,000 credits. >Okay Raven, heres the mission data.

>Remove Protestors
>$180,000 credits
>Okay Raven, heres the mission data. Theres a group of armed protestors positioned outside one of our bioresearch labs in the city. While currently "peaceful", if left alone they could make a move and attack the lab. We cant let that happen. We'd like you to make the first move and remove them by any means necessary. We do have an image to uphold though. If they begin to retreat, you are to cease your attack and remain in the area until they have all left. We dont want to look like the bad guys in this situation, and we want to make sure no surprises pop up if they decide to leave. Your pay will be deducted accordingly if you do continue to attack if they begin a retreat. Good luck out there.

>Protect Protestors
>$220,000 credits
>Hello Raven, these are the mission parameters. We currently have a group of protestors outside of a bio research lab in the downtown city area. We've supplied them with several MTs, armored vehicles, and handheld weapons to make sure they cannot be easily repelled. They are protesting the dangerous research going on in the lab. The facility has been known in the past to research bioweapons and even large living organisms that could be used in combat. We've told them to stay "peaceful", but once you are on the scene to protect them from any larger threats they will force their way into the lab to destroy whats inside. The protestors feel like they are doing whats right, a noble cause, but in reality we have only funded their escapade because we want the research data inside the lab. The protestors have agreed to hand over any computer data they find inside. That data would be EXTREMELY valuable to us. Its unknown how much of a fight might be put up, so we wanted a Raven on the scene to be ready for anything. For all we know, nothing will happen, and this might be your easiest assignment yet. Stay safe.

Which mission will you take, Raven?

  1. 4 months ago

    Clearly protect the protestors
    About time someone started investigating the chink flu

  2. 4 months ago

    Remove, it seems much easier

  3. 4 months ago

    #2 because money

  4. 4 months ago

    There is nothing wrong with peaceful protesters. I would protect them from the radical right

  5. 4 months ago

    Protect. More money, and might offer a good challenge.

  6. 4 months ago

    >remove protesters so you can fight the bioweapons later in the game

  7. 4 months ago

    clearly protect. It pays more and you probably won't have to do anything unless some dumbass takes the remove protestors contract.

  8. 4 months ago

    The first one will have an AC fight in it for sure so that one

  9. 4 months ago

    remove because dirty peasants deserve to be shredded at every opportunity

  10. 4 months ago

    Say whatever about AC2, but it was a major step up to change that from "Assault Dickass Company for sweet prototype head" vs. "Assault other Dickass Company for sweet prototype missiles"

  11. 4 months ago

    Does anyone know a mech game like Armored Core in which you commit war crimes?

    • 4 months ago

      Old mechwarrior games can get pretty warcrimy at times.

    • 4 months ago

      Soukou akki muramasa

  12. 4 months ago

    Oh no! A third party!

    >Attack Protests
    >RGH-Donbar leg unit
    >Good evening Raven.We've decided to bypass the usual routes of communication for hiring Ravens, and come to you directly. Your reputation precedes you, and we dont want other corps getting wind of what we are planning. Theres currently a group of armed protestors outside the lab of one of our biggest competitors. The same protestors have been seen protesting outside one of our own labs that was raided last month. They are currently "peaceful" and just waiting around doing nothing and making alot of noise. Theres been no response from the lab itself or the corp that runs it. Surely they know an attack is coming and are still trying to decide what to do about the protestors. Its a known weapons research lab, but they dont want to admit it publicly. They also dont want to hurt what looks like a bunch of peaceful people fighting for the environment. It would make bad press. What we want is you to attack both sides. Take out the protestors. Destroy them and demoralize them so they wont come banging on our doors again. Attack the lab as well. Whatevers inside will be either damaged or unleashed, hurting their bottom line, and their reputation. We expect heavy retaliation from both sides, so you will be well compensated. Its a prototype leg unit not yet on the market. Its far sturdier than what will become the mass produced version. If you do well, we may require your services again in the future. We dont want this linked back to us. We are not involved. We are simply bystanders.

  13. 4 months ago

    >pick 1 mission over the other
    >the side you didn't pick has an enemy AC they hired that you also have to take out

    • 4 months ago

      >branching mission path later on where the raven you killed no longer becomes your best bro who shows up to help you in the final missions

  14. 4 months ago

    The second because that´s how protests actually work, basically giving air of legitimacy to decided upon issues through dark money.

  15. 4 months ago

    Whichever one has the hidden AC fight.

  16. 4 months ago

    >Take the highest paying mission
    >There's a secret raven fight
    >Lose half of the pay from repairs.

  17. 4 months ago

    >protect protesters
    >they somehow unleash a giant lazer shooting beetle and its spawn from containment
    >you flee the scene
    >the rest of the game is about retaking the the beetle hive(former city) before they spread and end life in the underground civilization

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