64 thoughts on “Shadow destroyed the Sonic franchise. It was all downhill once he was added.”

  1. Shadow wasn’t really in a major Sonic game onward from 06 to Sonic Forces, and he wasn’t even the worst part of the games he was in. So no, tourist.

      • >amy’s debut game was sonic cd
        >the one with a metal planet that is connected to robotnik somehow
        >game ends with amy (and sonic) falling back to earth/mobius
        Amy is obviously, clearly, irrefutably the secret SECOND prototype of Project Shadow.

  2. Not true. Shadow destroyed the Sonic franchise when Shadow was revived.

    He was intended to stay dead, but brought back due to popular demand. Sega gave him amnesia and paved the way for a character arc through Sonic Heroes and his own spin-off the year after. Then they gave him a gun because they didn’t want Sonic to wield a weapon, another western demand for the franchise. Shadow was rewritten for Sonic 06, but since it flopped, Shadow’s arc was essentially abandoned. Now instead of a character with a completed arc, they revived him and didn’t know what to do with him. If Shadow stayed dead then we wouldn’t be here.

    • SA2 was shitty, for some reason autistic children raised on that game forget 2/3rds of it, and love the out of place Chao Gardens waaaaaay too much.


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