44 thoughts on “Shit’s gone, bros.”

  1. Are they doing it because “muh remasters” and/or their own store? Or are they doing it because it costs a fortune to keep licensing all that music ad infinitum and they’d rather sell the games without paying all those royalties?

    • It should. Even when they delist stuff it should still be available to people who already bought it, they just can’t sell it to new customers anymore and probably wont be officially supported anymore.

    • Every time I’ve tried playing the PC version it’s run like absolute dogshit on 64-bit Windows. Like I’ll get softlocked in the gym during the beginning or shit like that. I ended up just playing the PS2 version just to avoid the headache.

  2. rockstar of david going FULL garden gnome.
    will be funny to see them crawling back to steam in a couple years just like literally every other publisher that tries and fails to host their own steam "competitor".

    turns out paying for servers isn’t cheap lol

      • epic has never been a part of steam, and has tons of experience bc of unreal engine and its store. they make their money from unreal engine, not selling games on their own competitor

        You said the same about Ubisoft

        ubisoft is grifting off of tim. theyre not paying for their own store. uplay was never a serious steam competitor.

          • if you’re saying the disastrous epic games store makes more money than unreal engine licenses and assets i will be surprised

          • Look up Epic vs. Apple docs.
            Majority of the money comes from Shitnite. EGS isn’t profitable. Unreal makes Timmy pennies compared to shitnite, around 100mil a year, when fortnite makes more than ten times of that.
            Unity makes 7x of UE profits

          • lmao that cherry picking. the battle showed that egs expects to lose about 140 million in 2021 and lost 270 million in 2020.

          • People say “somehow” but UE’s license structure keeps getting laxer; no annual use fee, no money owed until you make $X, constant dumping of money on free assets to give away, buying up middleware tech to give away for free, etc.

            Tim does this BECAUSE Fortnite is a bigger revenue source. Like EGS (except not stupid) he’s trying to use the money they’re making now to extend the reach of their more long-livable revenue streams so when Fortnite declines they’ll be in a more advantageous position. EGS probably won’t work but I think UE will; a time will come that he has such a headstart on Unity in terms of feature capacity and quality that when he flips the switch and starts taking money before the first million or whatever it is, he’ll be able to open up that revenue stream successfully

          • Tell him what? Are you under the impression that it’s free? It is, unless your game actually sells a decent amount, after that it’s not

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