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  1. I don’t give a fuck. I’d rather know who won the Battle of Roseleaf.

    Valve screwed over the Artifact fanbase by cancelling the Artifact 2.0 beta without even allowing users to invite friends like they said they would in January and does not deserve your financial support for these gross consumer-unfriendly practices.

  2. Here’s something to consider, would GLaDOS actually just let Chell go if it was unsafe at the end of portal 2. I get Chell wanted to be free, but there wasn’t even any warning from GLaDOS of what might be out there. So maybe it is safe? Or maybe GLaDOS just didn’t care? (though they seemed on goodish terms at the end of Portal 2) Or maybe GLaDOS no longer knows what the current state is?

    • Glados has no way of knowing what the fuck is going on outside.
      Even her creators got cut off from the outside world and died.
      Maybe using security cameras outside the facility, but thats just an assumption.

  3. How did Aperture avoid Combine’s attention, seeing how they came for Black Mesa’s technology and Aperture was developing a similar tech, it doesn’t make sense for the Combines to be not aware of the facility especially when they’ve excavated Borealis in antartica?

      • Afaik, the 7 hour war fucked whatever survivors left in the facility because the outside world couldn’t care less about a secret underground military lab in the middle of nowhere.
        Not to mention the fact that glados basically isolated the facility to trap all personnels.
        I mean, it was the bring your daughters to work day.
        Surely, worried karens at home would have made a visit or a call if the combines werent knocking the door?

        • The whole timeline is pretty confusing
          According to the old aperture flash site, GLaDOS locked everyone in and forced them to work to beat black mesa, even while the world was ending outside, for God knows how long before actually neurotoxin-ing them

  4. I mean humans already met their "winning" condition by cutting off the combine proper from earth. All that is left to do now is to "just" defeat the remaining occupying forces
    good luck with that lol

    • human is still lose honestly.
      >almost all animal are extinct except birds
      >no form of vegatable or fruit except a watermelon we found
      >resource are drained and even then we might have a little left to rebuilt humanity back again
      half life world is just depressing when you think about it the only way I can see humanity survive is to gather all the knowledge from black mesa and become a interdimensional traveler like the combine.

      • Hence the quotation marks
        Remember even before the combine arrived earth was getting fucked by xen wildlife and by the time the combine establish "safe" cities the majority of earth is antlion and whatever the fuck else infested wasteland

  5. >can shoot aperture portals to the moon in seconds
    >combine teleporters are seemingly slower than walking
    >black mesa teleporters are some jury rigged janktastic shit that if interrupted by a small animal can send you to several hazardous environments in rapid succession
    will glados be the ‘savior’ of humans who ultimately defeats the combine?

    • The portals also cause cancer though since the only surfaces they work on are toxic in the half life universe. They’re just as shitty as the other ones.

      • You’re thinking of the grounded moon rock surfaces? They’re toxic but they’re not the only surface they work on, they’re just described as a good surface for portals. How did they get portals working before buying the moon rocks?

        • >implying they didn’t already have the moon rocks bought
          >implying the first portal tests weren’t on moon rock paste because science

          • That’s just an assumption though, what we know from the game is that the mention of moon rocks came from the 80’s test chambers, which also introduces the gel that converts surfaces to make them portable. There was no gel or mention of moon rocks in the 50’s 60’s or 70’s chambers. I think there were some condemned labelled in reference to moon/alien stuff, but those would’ve been placed later on just before the old facility was sealed off.

  6. Never understood why people think the combine aren’t around anymore just because you pop up in a field. There are plenty of other bits of text and exposition in the game hinting at a large span of time having passed between 1 and 2; why is it the fucking field that clues you regards in? Do you seriously believe that in the Half Life universe, there are no big wide empty fields sitting around? The combine will just have their own buildings and installations and slave cities literally everywhere, including in the middle of bumfuck nowhere?

      • just a general expectation. Half life 3, if it ever comes out, is already slated to retcon episode 2’s ending. I can see them doing a ‘the combine try to destroy earth and we barely stop them but all of humanity is dead’ ending.

      • It’s just assumed since it’s canon that portal 2 takes place like 50,000 years later. The player was in stasis for a long time. All that’s known really is that someone got the borealis at some point between ep2 and portal 2, and that the outside environment looks relatively free of the combine’s influence in the ending. It’s mostly all speculation and they intentionally set the game so far in the future so that they wouldn’t have to interact with half life.

        • This. At the end of Portal 1 you wind up in an abandoned and overgrown parking lot surrounded by trees before the automated systems drag you and the destroyed glados stuff back inside. So probably during the combine invasion, or just before it at the very least. Portal 2 the area is a giant flattened field and is stated to be far into the future.

          • They can’t be to far apart though. Aperture is built inside of a giant salt mine and runs deep, we see a lot of the older facilities below and the portal 1 era facilities above completely overgrown and rusted through. We never get an exact measurement on the mines length/width, but it can’t be to horribly far from the original escape location.

          • I agree entirely anon. That being said, the entire mine is clearly located in a rural expanse without much other human architecture about; with that in mind, I really don’t think the field at the end of 2 should be cited as the primary or sole piece of evidence indicating that the combine are gone and earth is void of humanity or whatever. There’s plenty of other interesting info in-game that you could connect to that possibility, but the field thing is really an empty argument given the geographical location of the entire facility.

          • why would it sit abandoned for so long if humanity won, though? the resistance is lead by former Black Mesa researchers and surely they knew where their biggest competitor was located. place is practically a gold mine

          • Not that guy but I imagine GLaDOS had some defences in place to protect the facility, which would also explain why no Xen creatures or Combine ever got into the facility. The machines are able to operate under low voltage as referenced in the first chapter of portal 2 so even with GLaDOS destroyed they could still defend Aperture Science.

          • glados does mention in portal 1 i think, that "something" is going on outside and that only her(glados) is keeping "them" out

          • Im fairly certain portal 1 takes place after the combine invaded earth because in the fight with glad0s she says something along the lines of "You want to escape? (Laughs) please, I have an infinite capacity for knowledge and even I don’t know whats going on out there. All I know is im the only thing standing between us and them."

          • That’s really cool. She’s the crown achievement of human ingenuity gone wild, literally playing God in her domain, and yet she’s still spooked by what’s going on outside. It’s fun to think that even Skynet shits its pants when thinking about the Combine

        • >50,000 years later
          When will this meme end?
          In 50.000 years literally everything in the enrichment center would have been turned to actual dust. Stone monuments irl are barely ~3k years old and look banged as shit. Can you imagine what all this time would do to metal and plastic?
          This was just the devs stopping fans from thinking too much about the timeline in case they want to retcon something in the future and a cut voiceline from GLaDOS, who is hardly reliable, plus, that voiceline was cut to stop the confusion it’d give the players.
          The relaxation vaults like the one Chell is in have 20 year long expiration dates, that puts Portal 2, if Portal 1 was happening right during the combine invasion, convenitently at the time of HL2, and aperture’s decay is consistent with that timeframe too.


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