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  1. have 343 ever acknowledged or even plan to fix these playlists for mcc
    LITERALLY constantly playing on the same two goddamn maps ever with no change in both halo reach and 3, endless reach dlc maps and endless sandtrap/box on 3

  2. I remember being a teenager and thinking this level specifically was as good as graphics were ever gonna get.
    probably just because it was one of the first times I saw something on an hd tv tho.

    • Halo 3 visually has aged in a lot of ways but the lighting is still godlike and does a great job and hiding how a lot of textures clearly indicate an xbox 360 game.

      • Halo 3 definitely had the best blend of minimalism, colors, and great lighting to keep it good looking today. CE’s look is more cartoony with its blockish textures and even brighter colors, while Reach had a little too much going on with the character/gun models and scenery to pull off the same aesthetic as 3.
        Still I feel the only Halo game that aged poorly was 2. It was trying to do way too much with the limited Xbox tech at the time. It pushed that console to its limits but looks worse than CE today because of it. At least 2 got one of the greatest HD remasters ever made. H2A looks way better than 5, and it’s easily the visual peak of the entire franchise.

  3. >Arby ‘n’ the Chief
    >Custom games on Foundry
    >Screaming in matchmaking lobby
    >Pressing X as the custom game lobby faded to black
    >Absolute hype before Halo 3 came out

    I miss those times.

  4. Explain halo to me
    To me the game always looked like some cheap eastern European shooter about space
    I never owned an Xbox so maybe thats the reason

    • I’d say it’s the Star Wars of video games. Original trilogy is pure kino, the newer ones aren’t nearly as good as the originals but still have *some* draw to them, and the expanded universe is quality.

    • Take a classic arena shooter and gut it to make it suitable for console players.
      >floaty jump physics
      >slow movement speed
      >longer ttk
      >aim assist for everything but sniping
      Instead of fast-paced gameplay as usual for arena shooters, it focuses on slower team strategy, map control, and vehicles. It effectively does its own thing and is pretty fun in that sense.
      It also took other design decisions like regenerating health and two weapon carry limits. While these gameplay elements work well enough in Halo, they were copied by nearly every other medicore shooter of the 00s/10s and killed the entire fps genre for a decade.

    • Personally i prefer vehicle maps since they tend to get more chaotic with warthogs flying all over the place and ghosts exploding like it was new years eve

    • 1 2 and 3 combined arms maps were better but in Reach onwards Infanity only maps are better because the vehicle balance in Reach onward is beyond broken, and by that I mean they are practically useless and way too easy to destroy.

  5. Prisoner kicks ass
    Lockout kicks ass
    Guardian kicks ass
    Reach’s comp maps suck
    4 has no comp but Haven is ok
    Plaza is pretty good

  6. The Pit is by far the worst map in the game. It’s so fucking generic and uninteresting design, and the flow is just circling the map, sometimes broken by enemies spawning behind you.

    • >sometimes broken by enemies spawning behind you.
      The Pit spawns are side static in team playlists, you will only ever spawn on your side unless all spawns are blocked.

  7. >this better not be Snowbound again
    How come nobody camps the middle with the shotgun anymore? They’re obsessedw ith the snipers and coming down the pipe hole with the brute shot.


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