Some dude from Taiwan made a Crowbcat style video on Back 4 Blood, I had no idea it was so utterly s…

Some dude from Taiwan made a Crowbcat style video on Back 4 Blood, I had no idea it was so utterly shit compared to a 12 year old game. Jesus, Ganker, what happened to innovation? What changed?

57 thoughts on “Some dude from Taiwan made a Crowbcat style video on Back 4 Blood, I had no idea it was so utterly s…”

  1. Repost this thread in a few days again but don’t mention Taiwan. You’ll get discussion instead of retard derailing 4chanshit.

  2. it’s really not a fair comparison. source engine brutally mogs every other engine in terms of physics. L4D2 also has some of the best gore in gaming.

      • not saying B4B isn’t a letdown, but when you put it next to one of the all time undisputed champs of the genre, it looks a whole lot worse than it should with a comparison to something like WWZ and KF2

  3. >basically had the concept for the snitch ready for l4d
    >valve thought it was retarded and didn’t want it in
    >they add it in b4b
    >it’s shit and really fucks with the gameplay

    • If you want to get into nitty gritty of who should own formosa, you’ll arrive at conclusion that you need to mow down the GMD bandits in exile and give it back to whatever’s left of the formosan native tribals.
      More realistic option is letting GMD keep it, on the condition that they shut the fuck up about China, Mongolia, Russia, India and every other country they have delusional territorial claims to.

      >Also Taiwan belongs to China
      West Taiwan can go fuck itself.

      Being an amerimutt living vicariously through fantasies of people you can’t even tell apart from other ethnicities, you support GMD’s demands to entirety of Mongolia?

  4. Since I saw the first trailer I knew it was not going to be able to hold a candle up to L4D2. One buddy who gamed with me since 2010 didn’t believe our group and is the only one who bought B4B. We still shit on him for wasting money on it while we go back to the 10 year old superior game.

    • They have a few decent idea but so far it felt like some unholy combination of KF2 and L4D with added extra mechanics that feel either blatantly anti-fun or are just weird.
      Not to mention that the guns kinda feel like shit since the sounds are lacking and the gore is very simple, the matchmaking also seems to be somewhat broken and people practically never join mid-campaign, and the bots are dumb as bricks.
      Seriously, any future coop game must at least be able to ensure that their bots are at least Vermintide 2 levels of competent. Those fuckers react to specials faster than some players do.

    • >gore is a minor graphical detail in a zombie game
      dilate turtlechud dev. Your shit games will never match up to Valve’s Left 4 dead

    • I mean the gameplay is strictly worse, so I don’t know what there is to discuss
      >Roguelike "loot" for droolers to get skinner boxed
      >Card system ripe for future MTX and power creep, uninteresting passive-stacking "builds"
      >Shooting is a terrible middle ground between L4D and COD, movement feels like you’re treading water
      >Characters aren’t interesting enough as either personalities or gameplay factors


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