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  1. How the fuck do I beat 4 Kings as a sl 5 sorcerer trying to make a twink build?
    I have all the soul arrow spells, upgraded armor sets, crest shield, and my girl beatrice to summon but I still keep getting rekt

    • I just saw the trailer and that 10 seconds clip from yesterday.
      Based on the trailer I’m fucking hyped like you can’t believe. The jump looks fucking awkward as fuck in the leak, I’m assuming it was some early build or something. No way this is the end result, especially after Sekiro. I really liked BB and 3, and Elden OOO looks like DaS3 with horses and open world. It’s FROM so I doubt it will be the basic open world formula.
      We have to little info so far, but the trailer was nice even tho it’s obvious they recycled so much, from animations, to assets, to bosses, the Yhorm looking dude, the Smough looking dude, the Anor Irithyll looking cathedral.
      I’m too old to give a shit, I don’t play vidya anymore, it’s the only game I’m interested in, I just want kino bosses like Gael, Orphan, Maria, Friede, Gundyr, etc… They set the bar super high in terms of bosses with 3, dropped the ball hard in Sekiro, I hope they kept the good ideas for Elden O

  2. Why does killing hallowed named NPCs permanently remove them from the world, but the hallowed zombies you fight on a regular basis respawn with the bonfire?

    • pretty sure they’re not supposed to be the same zombies, they’re in the same spots and have the same weapons for sake of gameplay, but they’re supposed to be new zombies who hollowed while you were gone (same as how enemies respawn when you move too far away from where they died)

  3. If Gwyndolin was manipulating you to make you sacrifice yourself to continue the Age of Fire, why did he force you to fight through Anal Rodeo/have you kill Ornstein and Smough? Couldn’t he have just put the Lord Vessel at the Kiln of the First Flame and said to everyone "Go kill the Lords lmao" without having to bother with the entire first half of the game?

    • this puts the Gods in danger of the Vessel going missing and the Age of Dark coming naturally. Gwyndolin needed someone to willingly, almost fanatically, follow through on the plan to link the Flame, otherwise the Age of Dark would arrive.
      Remember, the MC HAS to intervene to continue the Age of Fire. The Age of dark will always arrive, with or without intervention.

  4. i have a tinfoil theory that has no real evidence to it at all, it would just fit in a really connective way

    the mother of Gwyn’s children is Velka who became the goddess of sin after Gwyn made the cardinal sin of abusing and sacrificing his children

    that’s why she is associated with heretical magic and creatures, that’s why she, through her agents, pushes the undead to subvert the gods

    • Why are the angels that appear in the Dreg Heap so different compared to the butterflies that appear at Lothric Castle? Are angels the final form of humanity and the dark much like the Four Kings and the Darklurker?

      Seconding this question.

    • It’s simply what your character remembers. In the intro cutscene you are told you forget shit, you even forgot how your wife and child look like because of the curse.
      Why is it sunny, you go through a tunnel and boom, it’s night, raining and there’s a big castle?
      Why are some locations close by, and yet in the map in Majula it’s a huge ass continent.

      Sure they could have conveyed it much better, I agree, but lore wise, it’s simply what you remember from your journey. The boss, and a fucking castle sinking in lava, not the road inbetween

    • because it was both personal (we directly follow his steps into the Abyss, and the DLC with Sif), while also being a "mythical" figure in the lore. And then we’re given the fight to finally end his torment, because he was nothing more than a good man doing his duty til the end.

    • I dunno, man. I always thoughts Artorias is overrated.
      Sure, he has a cool design and a tough-as-nails boss fight, but that’s not rare. What really sets him apart is how much other people talk about him or have ties to him — Sif, Ciaran, the Forest Hunters, etc. It gives him a sense of being larger-than-life even though he’s really just another thing to kill.
      How many bosses and enemies are examples of this once-great thing laid low by the ages? Artorias is not so unique.

    • The LEVEL design varies from good to fantastic. It’s the WORLD design that is lacking.
      And the WORLD is lacking because the first director wanted to make a weird type of open world games, even the higher ups said "bruv wtf u doin’", fired him and called Tanimura to somehow make a game in a few months.

    • >and I still have no idea what dark souls
      This is why I make these threads. Ask away.
      I may take some time to answer since my lunch is over and I’m starting my night shift again, but I’ll answer as much as possible.
      Tomorrow I’m off so I’ll make another thread where I’ll be able to respond much more and much better.

    • The gods want the age of the gods to continue, even though this flies in the face of universal entropy. Nothing lasts forever, not even the magical flame that made the first gods into gods.
      It’s a question of continuing this artificial age of the flame gods or allowing it to die so that a new age of the dark (read: mankind) may begin.
      You can also see it as a conflict of order vs chaos, status quo vs change.
      The age of the dark is uncharted territory, and there are many cases of humans being overwhelmed by the darkness and becoming destructive abominations. But the age of fire is not perfect either. There is all kinds of corruption and injustice.
      Do you think the age of the gods is so shitty that literally anything else is better? Or is the chaos and uncertainty of darkness so frightening that you will prop up the current civilization, warts and all?

      • >The age of the dark is uncharted territory, and there are many cases of humans being overwhelmed by the darkness and becoming destructive abominations
        They don’t turn into abominations, they return to what they are. Humans in the Age of Fire are constrained, and bound, their Humanity wanting to break free. In the Age of Dark, Humans return to their natural state, unbound and free.

        • Fair point
          That is a more accurate summary of the dark in the DS context.
          Still, it speaks to the theme of humanity’s basic nature being bestial and destructive.
          Do we shed the trappings of civilization afforded to us by fire or do we go back to monke?

      • but is there an explanation for why ds2 feels so disjointed? perhaps when the world was recreated it scrambled everything up into a choppy mess?

        • Yes. The first director was a fucking retard that was running the game into the ground. A short time before release they called based Tanimura to somehow stitch a working game together. It’s a fucking miracle that he managed to make this.
          But the game is still fantastic and expands on many concepts of 1, and feels like a grand adventure, much more than 1.
          >muh floating castle
          Yeah nobody cares

        • The original director was too ambitious for his own good. He kept coming up with new ideas and shoehorning them into the game fairly far into development, so FromSoft canned him and pulled in a new guy to make sense of the first guy’s scattered ingredients.

  5. Is Priscilla nameless king’s daughter?
    I know the gwyniwere and the white dragon bullshit, but why Gwyn would offer his daughter to a dragon? seems like normies didn’t got the lore right
    It sounds more reasonable that Gwyn erase his son from history because he fucked a dragon (female) and she had Priscilla and then he enclosed Priscilla in the painted world

    • >Is Priscilla nameless king’s daughter?
      Isn’t she Seath’s daughter?
      >why Gwyn would offer his daughter to a dragon?
      What if he didn’t know? What if it was behind his back? What if it was rape? What if he did not care much, after all Seath helped them btfo the dragons and he gave him parts of his SOVL. He can also abandon a daughter to pygmies in a city at the end of the world. Not really the best father.

      is the declining quality in the series a metaphor for something lore-related?

      Depends what you mean by declining. I think the games got better over time. The only thing I can think of that’s good in 1, is the interconnected world design… and that lasts for 1/3 of the game. Absolutely everything else is better in the following games. So objectively speaking, if everything is better in the sequels, then the sequels are better.

      How do I git gud? I still haven’t beaten DaS1.

      Bruh, just roll back when you see an enemy raise his hand and don’t button mash like a tard. I let my little brother play souls when he was high as shit, just told him "dodging is more important than attacking", he blitzed through the games.

      Why do they make horse clop sounds when they walk?

      No fucking idea lmao, nice one

      • >Isn’t she Seath’s daughter?
        You didn’t even read my whole post you fucking scrote
        I say that if retards got the lore wrong and Priscilla was nameless king daughter instead of seath, because that would make sense to Gwyn erasing all the archives of his son, plus making Gwyndolin a trap so he couldn’t dick a dragon like his old brother

        • Nah, Gwyndolin was raised a daughter because of his affinity with the moon.
          Priscilla has dragon feature therefore implies dragon heritage which Nameless King does not. And yeah, he was erased from history because he sided with the dragons.
          If it’s not Seath, then it has to be some other dragon, but not Nameless.

          • >Priscilla has dragon feature therefore implies dragon heritage which Nameless King does not
            But the dragon he fucked could

          • Ooooh sorry I’m fucking retarded, must be the lack of sleep, didn’t think of that.
            Well, in that case, why didn’t he take her with him to Archdragon Peak? Who might be the mother? Do we know femdragons?
            I mean, Seath was running experiments, the octopus girls in his archives, the jumping dudes kidnapping women, it was most likely an attempt at creating something new.
            She’s in Ariamis, a place where people dangerous to the gods are thrown. Why didn’t Nameless king take her with him since he was already in bad terms with the rest of the gods?
            Seath is more close to Gwyn than Nameless is.

      • 3 is literally a straight line, it’s an objective downgrade from 2, which was an objective downgrade from the good portion of 1.

        DS3 is only better than 1 and 2 in its combat.

        • >Better combat
          >Roll spam

          DS3 is only "better" in that the controls are more polished and therefore smoother. Everything else about DS3 is shit compared to 1 & 2.

          • I think he literally mean combat, sword combat, that’s it
            Ds2 fucks ds3 in the ass in pvp
            Ds3 magicks are shit
            I guess if mihackzaki didn’t turn ds3 into bloodborne 2, it could have been a good dark souls game

          • It also easily has the best enemy and boss design in the franchise. Which elevates it’s spammy combat to above the level of 1 and 2.

    • don’t forget yorksha
      she calls gwyndolin her brother but that could be just a sweet affectation or something snakelegs told her as a simple explanation
      or she could be another one of gwyn’s freaky progeny, or gwynevere’s daughter, or the nameless king’s daughter, or priscilla’s daughter

    • I think people were trying to make the Greek gods connection even stronger with Priscilla. Gwyn is kind of the gods and throws lightning, therefore Zeus. So the beautiful goddess of love and fertility must have slept around behind her husband’s back just like Aphrodite did.
      I happen to roll with the idea that Gwyn’s firstborn was a dragon fucker, too, but there’s no hard evidence either way.

      don’t forget yorksha
      she calls gwyndolin her brother but that could be just a sweet affectation or something snakelegs told her as a simple explanation
      or she could be another one of gwyn’s freaky progeny, or gwynevere’s daughter, or the nameless king’s daughter, or priscilla’s daughter

      I like the idea that she was another bastard or otherwise "undesirable" child of Gwyn.
      Once Gwyn was double dead and gone after the Chosen Undead put him down, Gwyndolin may have reached out to his last surviving family — another child of Gwyn that Gwyn never accepted during his life.
      Alternatively, they may have been full-blooded siblings or even twins. They both have that pale, thin, sickly appearance.
      The statues around Anor Londo in DS1 only show us Gwyn, Gwynevere, and the shattered remains of the firstborn. I like to think that Gwyn only reached out to and accepted Gwyndolin in the hopes of raising him up as a strong, bold son to replace the one he exiled. But when Gwyndolin turned out to be frail and moon-aligned, Gwyn said "fuck it, you’re a girl now."
      He had no need for yet another daughter, so Yorshka was left in obscurity until Gwyndolin took power and invited her to Anor Londo.

    • Objectively the best? As in, no "muh feelings" involved? Either 2 or 3. Each one has issues in different ways, but 2 has the feel of a gigantic adventure that no other souls games has, a colossal world filled with secrets that you can sink hundreds/thousands of hours in and still have missed tons of stuff, and 3 is the most polished and the most fun to play as.
      For me, 3.
      I played 1 first when it came to pc, disliked it a lot.
      Played 2, loved it
      Played BB, fucking loved it, bought a PS4 for it on 2 separate occasions, and typing this makes me want to get a PS4 from a friend, I have BB somewhere here, only console game I bought. Actually, only game I bought in like 16 years. I’m a piratehomosexual
      Played 3, fucking loved it
      Emulated DeS, loved it.
      Can’t wait for Elden OOOo

      In the end I played BB and 3 over 35 times each and regularly do small runs of 3, 2 and sotfs over 15 times, 1 like 3 or 4 times. Sekiro like 6 or 7 times. I’ll play the LMTSR mod when I have some time


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