>start the game

>start the game
>my character wants to move to america
>is told by the revolutionary leader living under a brutal dictatorship that life for people of their color isn’t worthwhile in the US
>cringe a little but carry on
>finish a mission for a mainline character
>he(she) argues with his friend saying that even when the revolution is over, he will still have to fight for his life in his country thanks to being trans in Yara
>roll my eyes and do a side mission
>it’s for a fat guy dressing up as a drag queen and performing a drag show for the local military leaders, I have to assassinate them while he distracts them
>shake my head and clear a checkpoint
>two NPCs are talking, the man in the conversation says that his husband hopes things go back to some semblance of normal after the revolution
>female character immediately retorts with ‘my wife and I will do all it takes to win this fight’

Is this just what AAA games are gonna be now? Shoehorned bullshit?

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  1. Remember when Far Cry 5 got obliterated in reviews because it wasn’t anti-Trump enough? This is their Battlefield V moment. It’s not working, they’ll balance it out later. What they really need to do is reboot the fucking series though.

  2. All the black female hunters roaming around the woods in FC5’s Montana (under 1% black) didn’t tip you off about things to come?

    FC4 was the last based FC.

  3. This is how western shite is now. Just a bunch of scrotetry because being pandering to sjw cucks who chopped off their penises and feminists is the norm.

  4. It’s so incredibly strange to me how you can depict sexual themes, outright slavery, brutal torture, mass murder, setting people alight, disintegrating people with experimental weapons, but you must, from now on, NEVER depict ‘bigotry’ against gay people or trans people unless it’s to make a thorough broader point about how these things are wrong.

    • The queers have taken over media, and they will decry hate if you call them out for their degeneracy. I’m done with buying any games that set off my gaydar.

  5. I like how Yara somehow feels even gayer than Ubisoft’s San Francisco-based Watch Dogs 2 with its rainbow-colored gay pride stuff fucking everywhere. It’s impressive, really.

  6. companies literally don’t have a choice OP
    I know ubisoft is french but I’m sure they have a similar situation there too

    • I keep hearing about black rock more and more on this basket weaving form, are they really trying to take over the world with their house buyouts and shit? How deep is the rabbit hole with this one?

      • You could just look it up. Fear mongers (both civilian and media) freak out about it every other week, it trends. I don’t don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Still plenty of land to buy, looking at less then 150k for 50 acres in some places.
        >but what about houses?

        You’re kind of fucked. Good luck with that.

  7. >he(she) argues with his friend saying that even when the revolution is over, he will still have to fight for his life in his country thanks to being trans in Yara

    Anyone else catch how the girlfriend(?) of the FtM chud told him/her to "stop crying and be a man"? That was cold, Ubisoft.

  8. >Is this just what AAA games are gonna be now? Shoehorned bullshit?
    kek, imagine being dumb enough to buy Ubishit games in 2021
    You deserve this

  9. So did the nuclear holocaust actually happen or is this place so insignificant it didn’t get bombed? Or are none of these games connected anymore

  10. This game must have really tanked because I hardly see any people talking about, not even Ganker is talking about it. Even FC4 had more thread than this although most of them were complains about gameworks GodRays and how it was just a FC3 reskin.

      • Weren’t you here when 4 released?
        There were dozens of them during the first days. Now FC6 on the other hand, well currently there’s only 1 thread(this one).
        The most higher number of Far cry 6 threads I’ve seen at once were 4.
        Far Cry from the hype 4 had, hah. Even 5 had a lot of threads too.

  11. it’s not for you, anon, it’s for the woke crowd. they’re literally just trying to make anticommie propaganda look woke in order to stem the flood of support commies have been getting lately.

    you’ve got to figure out who you see as more damaging, working from the understanding that someone’s sexual/gender identity can’t be changed.

    do you hate wokeness or commies more?
    if it’s commies, then allow this game to find its audience in order to curb support.
    if it’s wokeness then attack the game but know you’re undermining its agenda by doing so.

  12. Ubisoft is literally GLOBOHOMO the game company. They goal is propaganda to change public opinion. Making the abnormal, normal.


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