Super Mario fetishist offended by CoD’s ‘war fetish’ Bob 'Moviebob' Chipman triggered again over a game he thinks is right-wing and pro-war.

After the initial trailer was pummeled with YouTube dislikes harder than the feminist Ghostbusters, the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare commercial has almost made the game worth buying — for reasons other than the Cod 4 Remastered bundle.

The combination of witty social commentary and a star-studded cast (Michael Phelps, Dany McBride) has garnered praise where the actual game does not.

But as with everything providing a modicum of joy in this cruel world, someone got offended.

Namely Bob “Moviebob” Chipman, a notorious lefty movie and video game culture critic with an unhealthy obsession with Mario, who once called the 90s console war his own personal Vietnam.

Moviebob hates Call of Duty because the game about war is too “pro-war” for a conscientious liberal like himself. He once even claimed the series contributed to the rise of right-wing nationalism among the gaming community.

PRE-CORRECTION: When Moviebob said offensive, he actually meant “disrespectful,” apparently.


But we know he’s totally offended, so we’re running it anyways.

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