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  1. >yakuza is better than any of your ninchudshit. miyamoto would never allow a game with that much testosterone to be made at nintendo.

    • Don’t know how or why my dad got one, but I did. We only had one game, some baseball game, and then casually let it rot by the wayside. It was a monster at eating batteries though.

  2. >that kid who used rare candies on all his Pokemon
    >that kid who ran like sonic
    >that kid who was weird and self deprecating all the time
    >that kid who would daydream about playing a rock song and their classmates loved it
    >that kid who deepened his voice when he was called on in class
    >that kid that liked blink 182 too much
    >that kid that wore band shirts every day
    >that fat goth girl
    >that kid that died during your time at school
    >that kid who always touched his friends
    >that girl who had mental health problems because she was raised by a single mom

    • >That kid that died during your time at school
      Fuck I remember that, she just fell over and shit her pants in the middle of the library. They got the AED and it didn’t do anything and she went out on a stretcher.

  3. My friend got one at launch. Ended up never using it and getting an extreme green n64 eventually. Only game I ever played on it was Nights but I had a N64 and a PS1.

  4. That was me. My progression was NES -> Saturn -> PS1. The only reason I can figure my dad got a Saturn is because it flopped so hard in the US and was discounted tremendously. The man was a pawn shop king. If he could get something on sale or used, he did. It actually had some decent games, it’s really a shame that the full catalog never made it to the US because the launch was so sloppy.
    >clockwork knight 1 and 2
    >scud the disposable assassin (dad wouldn’t let us play M games, but this one was gory as fuck for T)
    >nights into dreams
    >sonic 3d
    >virtua cop
    >virtua fighter

    • Yabause or Retroarch’s modified mednafen core Beetle-Saturn. The only game I’ve had chug on it is Burning Rangers, which runs almost perfect but 59fps means some really crunchy audio in it for some reason.

  5. Owned N64 and Saturn and Ps1 at various points. I feel like the quality of games on Saturn was more varied than the other two. There were some truly abysmal games, right alongside ridiculously good stone cold classics like Sega Rally. When a Saturn game (or port) was good, it was really, really good.

  6. The Saturn people were always the most hardcore gamers. It was almost a status symbol. And they were all old and weird… uh kind of like us. The thing is though anyone who was that deep into gaming didn’t even bother with the US version, they’d import. The terrible US library doomed it.

  7. I was a kid with a PlayStation in the mid 90’s, ONE friend and his brother owned the streets only N64 and no one owned a Saturn. Genuinely had no idea it existed.
    We were all more aware of the dreamcast because it’s games actually appeared in store shelves but again, no one i knew owned a dreamcast either.
    I did not read up on the Saturns existence until the early to mid 2000’s, had assumed they skipped between Genesis/Megadrive and Dreamcast.
    Have still never played one in all these years.

      • How was it terrible? I have one now and find it just fine for an early CD based system. And at least I can get games for it unlike the Saturn, which I also now have.

  8. It’s incredible how SEGA consoles in Europe went from being the household name to a literally who when the Saturn launched
    PS1 completely dismantled more than a decade of SEGA dominance in Europe in a single year

    • There were still plenty of Sega diehards around but man it really is amazing just how quickly Sega went down. Nintendo losing dominance in the US was a much, much slower process, in Europe Sega just fucking vanished overnight.

      • The N64 was more relevant than the Saturn in Europe, that’s how much of a fiasco it was
        Nintendo whose biggest achievement in Europe before the game boy was having Famicom bootlegs all over flea markets sold by chinks and gypsies lmao

        • >Famicom bootlegs all over flea markets sold by chinks and gypsies lmao
          That’s fucking SOVL right there. Such a shame those things tended to break down after less than a year of use.

          • I still have mine and I’m sure it still works, the shell I later discovered to be mimicking the super famicom, complete with the red eject button and everything
            I spent countless hours playing contra force, tecmo world soccer and a funny jap game of street basketball where you punched each other and every team had a unique power to shoot and dunk

    • Very true. Of my group of friends most had Mega Drives and paired it with a Gameboy, mostly for Pokemon. Once PS1 hit it became Sega who. Not really sure how they managed to do it so quickly in Europe, even without factoring in Sega flopping with the Saturn and Dreamcast. It really was like an overnight sensation.

      • A lot of countries they were dominant in were poor as shit and kept buying Mega Drives well into the 5th gen. Both the PS1 and PS2 exploded in sales after the cheaper models came out (granted they were already selling well before then) so if Sega had done the same perhaps they would have done better but the way things were the Saturn was just a crazy expensive console that most people didn’t even know existed.

    • They ran the town with Genesis. I had a PSX and an N64 and still wanted a Genesis for toy story and sonic. Saturn was poorly handled as fuck. They launched the system at E3, the same day they announced the price, so stores had to rush to get them stocked. Then they announced the price was $400 and all sony had to do was walk up and say "$299". One of the most infamous mic drops in gaming history.

      Did you ever import anything?
      Also your dad sounds pretty based

      Nah I was too young and stupid to get japanese games overseas and my dad wasn’t about to pay for it. Hell I didn’t even know the Saturn came from Japan at the time. He came in clutch sometimes, he did end up getting us a N64 with DK 64 eventually, then got us Ocarina and Majora from a pawn shop. As well as finding a wii around christmas when no one had them. My dad is the whitest bro in existence though. He was a founding member of Napster, claiming he wasn’t stealing music, he was "sharing" it with other people that owned the music and sharing was legal. Then he rented Space Jam and played it on one VCR, while the other watched and recorded so he could save $20. His defense there was that by renting it from blockbuster he had temporary ownership and could do what he wanted with the things he owned.

    • Sega should have went with the 32X, skipped the Shiturn, and released the 3dfx-based Dreamcast instead of PowerVR.

      Sega would’ve never died if they’d done this.


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