50 thoughts on “That will be $60 + paid online + tip.”

  1. >Pokehomosexuals actually using authoritarian shill tactics to try and defend the decision to not implement a toggle.
    Imagine being this whipped.

  2. Not only should it be optional, you should still be given the original Exp Share as a hold item to use (still splitting experience 50/50) AND you should have the option to set the full-party version to give 1/6 experience to each Pokemon.

  3. >Own all of the legacy consoles
    >Be early adopter of the Switch
    >Nintendo asks for full retail for games you already own
    >Nintendo charges you a dubious premium to play online
    >Nintendo releases garbage Joycon and doesn’t acknowledge issues with Pro Controllers
    >No reverse compatibility on the Switch
    It’s almost like they want me to pirate their games.

      • It’s insane how those people have maintained such a high level of brand loyalty when it’s obvious that Nintendo does not value or reward them for it.

        >The most "hardcore" (LOL) Pokemon fans unironically suffer from the ’tism
        You’re not wrong. One of my biggest gripes with ROMhacks is when they remove options for the sake of difficulty. For example, removing the ability to swap between Pokémon after knocking out an opponent’s for every battle in the game is a pointless change because you already have the ability to select “No” if you want. What is the point of a challenge if you can’t trust yourself to stick with it?

  4. exp share is an expected feature in pretty much every JRPG nowadays to the point where its seen as a genuine negative if its NOT in. i’m curious why pokemon fans are so insistent in being able to turn it off?


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