The reason people think Crysis is a “tech demo” is because a minority discouraged people from playing the superior sequels

The entire reason people think Crysis is a “tech demo” is because a vocal minority actively discouraged the public from playing the vastly superior sequels. Now that the trilogy has been remastered, normies are playing all three games in sequence, and the universal consensus is that Crysis is overrated and Crysis 2 is incredible.

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          • >It’s the most popular one, overall
            Source? Google says C2 sold 3m total and C1 sold "over 3m" on PC alone (+1.5m for warhead).

          • >The 360 accounts for 57% of Crysis 2’s sales, with the PS3 taking 29% and the PC raking in a miserable 14%
            Consolehomosexuals weren’t aware how much of a turd it would be, PChomosexuals knew. It’s also why Crysis 3 failed miserably, consolehomosexuals now had a bad taste because of 2. Crysis 2 literally killed the series due to how bad it was.

  1. Online for crysis 2 was jank as fuck (maybe the most fun I’ve ever had) I remember using chest engine to edit the bullet spread of shotguns and clicking once to crash the server.

  2. No the reason they think it was a tech demo was because it was bank rolled by Nvidia to show what their hardware could do. It was a tech demo but in a different way.

  3. I played through the series back to back last year and I can honestly say 2 is still the weakest when it comes to how you use the suit. The game itself is solid but having the basic sprint tied to your energy was a fucking joke, and strength feeling completely nerfed also sucked with all the button prompt interactables being all it was good for. It’s a good thing the rest of the game was still fun to play.

    • >The game itself is solid but having the basic sprint tied to your energy was a fucking joke
      It was necessary to restrict the player’s mobility. They needed to move away from the OP power fantasy vibe that C1 ended up with but was never intended to have.

      • >It was necessary to restrict the player’s mobility. They needed to move away from the OP power fantasy vibe that C1 ended up with but was never intended to have.

        Then why did they get rid of that restriction in 3? It was a shitty nerf that added nothing to the actual difficulty. Also after playing past the first few levels of 1 that power fantasy leaves quickly once you get put against harder enemy encounters. You’re still fairly vulnerable in that power armor even with free reign over abilities.

        • Because they added fuckhuge levels in C2 and needed players to be able to treverse them.

          Crysis 2 takes place in streets and alleyways and stuff, and being able to move quickly means being able to break LoS too easily.

          • What excuses? They had to punish the player for running around. Fundamentally change the flow of gameplay to push the player into a more cover-driven style because otherwise they’d just run circles around the AI.

            If you choose to run across the street in C2 you’ll have no energy left to cloak or use armour. So everything becomes more of a tradeoff.

          • The game was easy enough with walking around with the cloak, being able to run slightly faster wasn’t going to suddenly break the difficulty. All it did was make moving to areas take a bit longer than it should. Don’t pretend the slow sprint being tied to the energy was some big brained move to balance the suit. I like 2 quite a bit but nothing will make the sprint energy change not retarded, especially due to the fact it’s nowhere near as fast as maximum speed was in 1.

  4. Crysis 1 and warhead are badass games mate
    Crysis 2 was good too but nothing beats warhead, sorry not sorry
    And yes, all the people calling the games tech demos have brain deficit

      • >pitch black shadows in broad daylight
        looks worse and runs worse lol. textures are higher res but look like they’re made by amateur modders

        • Dark shadows like that exist in scenarios where you have a closed off area. This is sparse voxel octree global illumination. It’s a peer to things like Lumen.

          If you think this lighting is bad, you’re basically arguing that the sun is wrong.

        • The sun is rising, and there’s boxes and stuff blocking the sunlight coming through the window behind you. This lighting is a slight step below real RT. The worse that can happen is that it bleeds. And obviously it doesn’t do as many bounces as a robust RT solution might do. But generally, this is how the scene would look in real life.

          Also, the particle effects and the way they’re affected by light and shadow are great.

        • They’re using voxel based lightning that handle light bouncing in the same say raytracing would. This scene is just naturally this dark. It can happen.

    • >looks a lot better and has option RT for the retards who don’t need more than 60FPS
      Yep, pretty good remaster.

      The C2 remastering work is god-tier. It’s legit one of the best remasters I’ve ever seen. It really makes you realize how "2011" Crysis 2 looked with the bloom and shitty AA and shitty motion blur. The remaster is smooooooooooth. And some of the RT effects are incredible. Because what it’s actually doing is retrofitting something akin to PBR into the game. It has this huge list of material types like wood and glass and different kinds of metal and brick and so on — and what it does is give each of those categories a specularity value. How reflective they are, because everything is to some degree reflective in the real world. This causes materials across the game to become subtly more realistic just by having the RT enabled. It’s not just reflections. it’s a subtle and profound change to the entire look of the game that elevates it beyond the console versions that don’t have RT.

      • >parroting digitalshillry
        They just removed any soul/style it had and replaced the grimy textures with their shitty sterile ones. Looks like shit.

        • Crytek made the grimy textures, and they don’t like them anymore. Felt they were a compromise for limited VRAM at the time. So they’ve reworked the game’s art designed to be more sleek and modern.

          Same reason they got rid of the heavy DOF effects. Those were used back in the day to hide texture pop-in and z-fighting and stuff.

    • C1 has the worst gameplay in the series. It’s jank as fuck, and half the Crysis 1 fanbase seems to play the first mission and a half, then stop, and then go online to say how much better it is than the sequels that people actually finish.

        • The suit is pretty clearly unfinished and unbalanced, and a glance at the game’s development history reveals why.

          The guns all suck. Their sound design sucks, they are weak and ineffective, and the silencers turn everything into a bullet sponge.

          The game wants to be a freeform stealth+shooter hybrid, but the AI is worse than Far Cry 1, and letting the player turn invisible is a crutch that only half works.

          The Ceph are genuinely terrible to fight, and the first person melee stuff seems completely unfinished.

          You can see the game’s budget disappearing in the last few missions. Ascension runs like garbage in the original version, and expects you to fly a poorly handling VTOL with no prep.

          The mission inside the alien ship is a completely out of context section from the game’s original third act and as a result fighting the Ceph is janky, navigating in zero-G is janky, and the scrapped upgrade system probably had something for dealing with the zero-G recoil they added — but not here.

          Much like SIngularity, you pretty blatantly teleport around the island between missions. Half the missions have you end the mission at Point A and suddenly you’re somewhere completely different, in a closed off area with no way you could have possibly reached this point. This is of course because they took the 20 missions and cut half of them, including almost all the ice-themed and alien-themed missions.

          The weapon modding system is also pretty obviously unfinished, and stuff like the tranq dart launcher are completely useless because of all the stuff they cut from the game.

          Crysis 1’s plot actively contradicts itself because late in development it was rewritten to handle the fact half the characters and half the levels were now gone, and as a result basically nothing the NPCs say in the final mission makes much sense in hindsight because they are referring to a different plot.

      • It’s kinda funny how Crysis 1 can be completed in like 5 hours, but you don’t see people talk about this. Why? Because most of them give up halfway. Crysis 1 is a game that people don’t see through to the end, kinda like the original Deus Ex, which I love.

        People get to the scene where Prophet is snatched, and say, "Yea, I’m done now." And when they come back they start over and the cycle repeats.

        • I completed Crysis 1 multiple times.
          You’re right about Deus Ex though, I always give up after China because I have to drop gear after that point and I hate it

  5. Crysis 2 felt like a sick call of duty inspired joke. The suit was gimped so fucking hard I never bothered to play past the beta. The first game you could go crazy

    • >Crysis 2 felt like a sick call of duty inspired joke.
      How, though? It has no design similarities to Call of Duty unless you count the MP, which was made by a different studio.
      >I never bothered to play past the beta.
      Wasn’t the beta MP-only?

    • The suit was better in 2. You had more powers. You sprint in Crysis 1 and the damn thing runs out of energy in a second and you’re in armor mode 99% of the time if you aren’t cheesing with stealth mode.

      • The console port of Crysis and the remaster add a revised version of the Crysis 2 suit to Crysis, and while it’s not perfect, it’s actually a really great way to play the game and clearly how Crytek want you to play it.

        The suit powers in C1 are poorly explained, very complicated, and generally mogged by the simplified suit that just lets you do what you want to do when you want to do it.

        Wanna move fast? The streamlined suit in the C1 remaster lets you do that. Wanna jump high? Well, jumping with the streamlined suit uses less energy so you are of course more mobile and can run further, and at a certain point you wonder, "Do people just have a whopping case of baby duck syndrome for the old suit to something?" I mean, I use the classic suit quite a bit in the remaster of C1, but I can’t actually say it’s BETTER at what it sets out to do.

        • There is nothing fucking complicated about the controls or gameplay of Crysis 1. Crysis 2 feels like shit because you’re slow, movement and control is more restrictive to be console friendly, and environments are cramped. You only like the revision more because you’re dumb enough to play a PC FPS with a controller and pretend that it’s better that way.

      • Half the people who vocally defend the C1 suit will admit that they modify the energy values to give themselves unlimited sprint and shit. And when pressed on the terrible impact this has on game balancing, most will admit that they don’t actually care about game balancing because they just want to feel like a super badass.

        And this right here is exactly why the suit in C2, which is described in the official novelization as feeling like it was powered by a set of AA batteries, makes them so upset.

        • Here’s how I balance the suit. You have health pickups to 100% irrespective of suit energy that doesn’t automatically recharge. Or maybe you can use your suit energy to refill lost health. Suit energy gets recharged through pickups or half life style HEV stations. That way you give the player all the energy they need to do whatever during encounters without feeling gimped, but still have to manage it like a resource so you aren’t just cloaking or sprinting past everything the whole way.

  6. Each of them is good in different ways. Cry 2 was more focused and had more fluid power switching but I didn’t like the change to the abyss. Never played 3


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