55 thoughts on “The eternal debate”

  1. >debate

    >literally insane born again who thinks she’s a disney princess/assassin
    >starbucks goth whose nefarious plan is based around getting knocked up and is voiced by claudia black

    Unlike Mass Effect they actually made the good option the basically canon one

  2. I thought it was lame there wasn’t a cleric archetype companion in this game. I thought it was gonna be Liliana, and then she turned out to be a slutty bard LARPing as a chantry lady.

  3. Morrigan Vs. e-boiana is no debate. Morrigan wins so clearly it’s unreal unless you are some women-playing individual of quesitonable sexuality.
    Isabela Vs. Merrill now that is a debate

    • isabella somehow caused more mayhem with her thieving ways than merril did by embracing blood magic. besides, we all know we were denied the real best girl Aveline

  4. Hey guys, recently i had a problem that Levi the guy who starts the Soldier’s Peak quest doesnt appear on the party camp so i cant even start the DLC quest
    Did anyone run into this problem?
    I tried using console commands to reset the party camp state to make him spawn but nothing works
    I uninstalled out of frustration and now im thinking of installing the game again,is there any fix or do i have to start a new game?

  5. So way back when this game came out when I was ready to nut to bust about anything I noticed a weird bug with Morrigans outfit.
    Normally when you tried to move the camera to stare at her tiddies, her model would disappear if the camera got close. Now, when I remember that if you removed her outfit and loaded her base underwear model THEN went back into the menu and loaded her vanilla outfit again and tried to zoom the camera on her tiddies her model wouldnt disappear.
    Now if you zoomed in you could clip through her top and with the right angle see through her robes and I remember finding out that they modeled her nipples underneath her top. Anyway I needed to dump this secret somewhere and this shit thread is where its happening.

      • When I was pulling this coomer shit it was on the PS3 version so I just gotta hope some kid here was also as horny as I was to confirm my story.

          • I think there are some other funny parts where you get to see the boner. Like in Howe’s dungeons and so on. Nude mod + plus there was actual mod that added animated sex scenes for most romances.

          • Yeah, that part. But it was not hard (no pun intended) to uninstall, just moving some folders, so you can avoid that happening after having romance sex scenes. Unless you forget to move them.

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