55 thoughts on “The image that broke metroidfags”

  1. I said this when people were comparing HK to SotN and I will say it now

    HK gets a lot of leniency and extra praise for the fact that it’s an indie title, which is fine, but when people unironically pretend that it beats some of the bigger classics then that’s where you need to stop.

    >Most characters/enemies are just 2-3 shape blobs with barely any animations to them (including the protagonist)
    >backgrounds have very limited color palettes and typically consist of very simple shapes
    >the music is only okay
    >the world/atmosphere/story borrows VERY heavily from Dark Souls, (along with some gameplay elements). Not a bad thing, but no extra point for originality there.

    >first few hours of the game start out VERY slowly
    >even after that the game needs a lot more time
    >narigating through the world is made that much harder due to the often samey limited visuals

    HK’s main strenghts are it’s generally solid encounter balance, which seems like a minor thing but it’s actually something most games in the genre struggle a lot with. The simple shapes of the characters and the slow, steady progression in abilities might have helped in that. Either way, the excitement level of presentation shouldn’t be underrated in a genre that’s all about exploration and visual navigation, and when comparing to "big" games without any bias HK shouldn’t get a free pass just because it’s an indie.

    also, HK costed $30 on release

    • SotN is braindead easy and for that reason alone far worse than Hollow Knight. SotN also has killed classicvania which was far superior. SotN retards are the biggest fucking disgrace. At least Super Metroid is a legit great game and not overblown by the retarded fans like with SotN.

  2. >Metroid: good art style and aesthetic
    >Hollowturd: indie shit art style and absolutely garbage aesthetic in both character and level design
    Dread by a mile. Sad too, because it’s not even the best Metroid. Amazing how much Metroid just dunks on Hollow Nerds and other indie shitters.

  3. Imagine if Samus and all the enemy aliens had the same art and animation style as The Knight. I’m sure that could have shaved the budget off of the game by a couple million, thus making it cheaper, but it would have looked like shit by Metroid’s standards.

  4. Metroidhomosexual here. The fact that one of my favorite series can be so successful despite its relatively high price point has fueled me for years to come and I will absolutely keep laughing at everyone who doomposted about Dread and Metroid in general.


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