55 thoughts on “The Karma Meter doesn’t even mean jackshit in New Vegas unlike in 3.”

  1. Karma is just supposed to be your reputation, so of course when an actual reputation mechanic is added for each faction, then karma is gonna be pushed to the background. It’s that whole thing of
    >wow, you’re a face-eating cannibal bastard with a reputation of murdering and brutally torturing or humiliating anyone that crosses your path
    >but hey you only do it to our enemies and these are desperate times, so yeah you can hitch a ride with us into New Vegas
    Yeah they could’ve done more, since I know there’d be at least a few people more than just Cass that won’t help or like a crucifying cannibal, but its general purpose is just supplanted by a more nuanced system

  2. >fallout 3
    >be good guy
    >you get people who show up to try and kill you
    >be bad guy
    >you get people who show up to try and kill you but there wearing dusters


  3. >murder, cannibalize, enslave, and nuke a ton of people
    >give a hobo some water and say some nice words around
    Yup, all is forgiven and forgotten, poor misguided soul deserves a second chance

    >save the wasteland, do the impossible so now people can drink clean water, become a true hero
    >steal a bunch of prewar food and some ammo to continue saving such wasteland
    What a fucking asshole, scum of the earth HOW COULD YOU?? Literally the devil

  4. Agree. Maybe they planned to use it in earlier stages of development and it gave birth to the reputation system, which does matter and it’s overall a better way to determine if you’re "good" or "bad". Makes more sense considering the setting at least.

    • The funny thing is that 3 already had a reputation system of sorts (you could improve affinity with certain factions by repeatedly doing things for them), it’s just that this variable was hidden. NV just made the variable visible.

  5. >hey stranger how about we travel together
    >hey you know that sounds like a pretty good idea let’s g-
    >wait, hold on
    >*heavy squinting and chin rubbing*
    >*circles around you, looking up and down*
    >are you…nice?
    >uh yeah that shits not gonna fly with me bud, come back after you’ve hacked a few more computer terminals

    thanks Bethesda

  6. >kill some defenseless old lady for her unique shotgun
    >you’re still cool since you massacred some powder scrotes for fun lol
    I love the Mohave

      • >lazy fucks reused the vanilla ending slide for if you sacrifice the BoS bimbo for Broken Steel
        >that means the game calls you out even if you have Broken Steel installed and you act like a normal fucking human being that isn’t retarded and you send the Super Mutant into the radiation chamber
        Thanks Todd

  7. Karma doesn’t matter than much in 3 either. 3 has hidden variables for faction loyalty and whether of not certain settlements are hostile and those end up mattering way more. Karma really just affects Three Dog’s opinion of you and also what the Slavers of Paradise Falls think if you.

  8. most of the time you need to go out of your way to be evil in order to loose karma and the options that do so have other disadvantages for local reputation so it was always pretty useless

    • They’re just mercenaries. There’s nothing particularly offensive about them.

      >inb4 but they hunt you for being good

      Given how many bad people are in the wasteland, it stands to reason that you playing hero would piss off a few people who want their evil deeds to proceed uninterrupted.

    • I still can’t believe someone designed the Talon Company’s logo and was paid for it
      >dude they’re the evil company
      >but like, like REALLY evil
      >they probably eat babies, that’s how evil they are
      >they’re against you, Wasteland Jesus
      >make their logo be a crow with a skull for a head kidnapping a poor crying baby
      Honestly the only thing missing is a swastika on the skull’s forehead or something, it’s retardedly edgy holy shit


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