53 thoughts on “The sense of adventure is unparalleled”

  1. There are a few cool moments but for the most part the game is very repetitive. Once you do the great plateau you more or less seen it all. The game doesn’t even have the courtesy of giving you shitty fetch quests to pad itself, it’s just the same goblin camps and shrines puzzles repeating for 100 hours.

  2. I went over there and it was completely anticlimactic and not compelling in the slightest. Every "dungeon" and area felt the same in this game, save for some comfy towns.
    It’s a weird game, for sure. It feels unfinished.

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  3. Oblivion was a far better open world exploration game.
    Dark Souls has far better level design and combat.

    This is why BOTW and modern Zelda isn’t a very relevant games anymore.

  4. The fact of the matter is that all the physics and puzzles and YOU CAN DO ANYTHING stuff is really good but it had no reason being set in an empty open world, just like all modern open world games

    • this, the best parts of the game are where its more linear and you can’t climb/glide over everything. lead up to zoras domain, hyrule castle and yiga hideout were some of the best parts of the game because the designers could actually design interesting challenges around the limitations

      i hope in future games they keep the chemistry system but ditch the open world and go back to the more metroidvania style of map design

    • The game barely has any content because they wanted the world to be huge but they took ages to get things running properly on their garbo hardware.

      Thus in the end they had to resort to tons of copypasta.
      Only 3 melee weapon move sets and 20 reskins for each, 4 enemies and minibosses recolored 3+ times with jacked up HP.
      It really feels like a 70% finished early access game at times.

  5. All three mazes were kinda fucking dumb because you skip 80% of the maze by just climbing the wall. You end up just looking for the door to the interior once you’ve gotten above the shrine for all three

        • Did you do the mazes before somehow unlocking the shrine detector thing? You can tell when you’re directly above it, and all of them have the entrance within a few feet. Never had to go down more than a hallway or two

          • >and all of them have the entrance within a few feet
            they don’t though, and that’s the problem you’ll face when trying to cheese it like that – they each have a hidden route that leads you into there, like a tunnel you have to go through. You can’t see the entrance to that form above.

    • First you gotta climb the wall though
      Even if you enter with full rings of stamina and a pile of stamina regen food it’s constantly raining, so climbing is practically impossible
      I’m pretty sure it’s too far to fly to the top of from the main area without exploits too

        • >get to the top with raviolis gale
          >find shrine entrance in 30 secs
          Am i a god gamer or are you guys extremely fucking retarded wtf is going on here

          • You are retarded anon. You can skip the vast majority of all three mazes. None of the entrances are more than two hallways over from it. If you somehow got lost still that’s entirely on you. None of them took me longer than two or three minutes of looking on either of my play throughs and I never used a guide. Why you insist the easiest method doesn’t work is beyond me

  6. The thing I enjoy the most is that you can solve the puzzles on many ways, even fix your mistakes by using the different mechanics.

  7. can’t wait for elden ring to come out so I can stumble upon and explore an proper dungeon with actual soul and level design vs the half baked trash that is botw

    • >can you find them all?
      That was never the point with Korok Seeds though, they’re just an extra type of collectible that you gather as you see them in your playthrough and they’re so commonplace that no matter where you are on the map you’re guaranteed to discover some. They’re never treated as a lame checklist like so many open world games do with their collectibles.

          • What do you mean why? It does, you explore the world, solve puzzles and unlock things, Zelda has been doing this for a long time.

          • >It does
            I asked you why there has to be a collectible (which is so utterly commonplace that according to you, you can’t even call it a collectible) for it
            Answer the question

          • The game never manages to dramatically expand on what it delivers at the start of the game and most of the game feels like it was developed on shaky ground since everything is very fragmented and most things feel like they could slot in equally well anywhere else.
            The game is decent but it probably could’ve been better if it wasn’t straddling two consoles and massively gimped by the fear of pulling a repeat Wii U with the Switch and cannibalizing the sales for the new console after they had already committed to leaning heavily into what the Wii U would offer in terms of gameplay.

            Why does it need to be a currency?

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