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  1. Battlefields legacy is cemented as the series that died because its -dogshit-at-fps aimlet community got BTFO by increased TTK which was objectively better for the series.

  2. >Sledgehammer are such enormous fuckups they had Black Ops Cold War lose an entire year of development time just so they can get one more year for Vanguard
    >Vanguard is shit and is probably going to be even slower than MW2019
    >DICE had the easiest layup of all time since instead of going up against Treyarch and the Black Ops series for what should’ve been COD 2021, they’re going up against the COD cycle benchwarmers
    >Battlefield still got delayed and it’s also shit and instead of just refining their extremely popular formula that’s been tried and tested they’re doing all kinds of weird shit like its operators

    Halo doesn’t inspire confidence but it somehow wins by the fact that both of its holiday competitors somehow keep repeatedly kneecapping themselves. Watch them somehow bungle it too.

  3. Hate to say it but Vanguard was much better in the beta. Bad, but better than 2042

    Everything in 2042 felt awful, but at least Vanguard had decent gunplay

  4. […]

    No it isn’t and no it didn’t. It’s time for you to stop. Battlefield 1 is actually a mod of Star Wars Battlefront 2015. They play identically, they have the exact same animations and graphics. The machine guns function exactly like heavy blasters, hence the venting mechanic. The elite classes are just hero units, the pickups function the same, and the horses handle the same as speeder bikes. It is an ok game, but a poor shooter and far from the actual peak of the series at Bad Company 2 and BF4. It was the start of the downhill descent the series has been rapidly going on ever since and was a cheaply made asset flip of a more fun Star Wars game rather than a proper Battlefield. You’re done.

    Reminder that BF is trying to copy COD, BF use to be kino comfy the best triple A FPS shooter. But because BF is in an identity crisis COD has took over.

  6. It’s ironic. A year ago with E3 everyone was shitposting about halo infinite Le bad graphics monke

    Year later and all beta’s been played

    >Cod vanguard
    >Worse graphics than MW 2019
    >Worse weapon animations than MW 2019
    >Historically in accurate and probably most pozzed of the 3

    >Awful hero system
    >Plays awfully with bugs and badly optimization

    >Halo infinite
    >Most smooth and best playable multiplayer
    >4k 120fps even on console
    >Only beta (technical preview) that got positive feedback

  7. 2042 will

    >have worse graphics
    >less destruction
    >have no classes
    >have no towable weapons
    >have no fortification system
    >have no balance because of the "on the fly weapon customization"
    >have no scoreboard
    >looks literally identical to battlefield 4 after the big leap in visuals from BF1

    I may not even get it.

      • Red Orchestra and Rising Storm 1/2 also had a system where ragdolls would moan out in agony for like an extra 30 seconds before expiring, and this is a game where you were very likely stuck hiding behind cover next to this limbless wailing pulp of a person.

        I’m not going to play a fucking COD WW2 title after that kind of genuine care to show how fucked up war can be.

  8. I wonder if we’ll ever get a Battlefield as great as Battlefield 1. Feels like the pinnacle of the series where 15 years of hard work finally came together.

      • Only a zoomer wouldn’t like Battlefield 1.

        Battlefield 1 was an ok game, but it has poor gunplay and was nowhere near as good as BF4, BF2, or Bad Company 2.

        It has the best gameplay out of all the Battlefields.

        >but my gun isn’t laser accurate when I hold down the trigger. It’s bad gunplay!
        It’s gunplay is superior to those games. The guns are ancient tech by today’s standards, and they require far more skill to use. There is also a wider range of guns to use that makes the gameplay more interesting and balanced.

        >no tanks in a bf title
        >no weapon customization
        >introduced we wuz to the franchise

        >looks and sounds amazing
        >reveal trailer still kino
        >top tier maps

        It has tanks, weapon customization, and I don’t know what the last thing is.

        • No it doesn’t. Like I said, it was an ok game, but far from the best in the series and easily had the worst gunplay (besides Battlefield 2042 which is disastrously bad). It is held back significantly by it. It’s obvious it was your first Battlefield game kiddo.

          • It’s literally the pinnacle of the series and set the standard for every aspect of Battlefield to its highest level. It’s gunplay is superior to every Battlefield game. The gunplay is extremely satisfying and requires the most skill out of any game in the series.

            This is all easily verifiable. Go back and play the other games, they’re far worse.

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            >Le I use to like COD, but grew tired of it and got roped into CODfield 2042.
            >Le superior gunplay
            Point and shoot, no recoil to master and the ability to change attachments on the fly thus making gunfights a random chop and change at the fly….. Superior lmfao.

          • Not the guy you’re replying to, but prove me that you aren’t just repeating meme words you read somewhere in /v and explain what do you mean by "bad gunplay"? Because I sure as shit remember it being fun and weapons felt powerful and not hugely over/under powered. I’ve played bc2, bf3, 4, 1, and from the lot only bf1 stood out as the most memorable

        • >Only a zoomer wouldn’t like Battlefield 1
          >2016 game
          >sold over 15 million copies
          I suppose only a zoomer would hate Drake too.

          • Battlefield 1 objectively does appeal to zoomers though. It’s made for kids with short attention spans who multitask playing the game with viewing TikTok on their smartphone. Sorry you didn’t get the memo.

          • Opposite. The gameplay has far more depth and a learning curve that’s steeper than previous Battlefields.

          • >learning curve
            >aim down sight and press right trigger to win
            Pffffff… Nice "learning curve" you got there zoomie. How long did it take you to adjust to it?

          • Yeah, all Battlefields are shit and you should feel bad for thinking that this franchise appeals to anyone other than the lowest common denominator (you).

    • CONS
      >no tanks in a bf title
      >no weapon customization
      >introduced we wuz to the franchise

      >looks and sounds amazing
      >reveal trailer still kino
      >top tier maps

    • Maybe in future, but 2042 won’t be it. Bf1 looked, sounded and played amazing. Setting was perfect. Best they could do maybe is to expand on that. Pick a setting they hasn’t already been overused like a 20 dollar whore. Return to include single player, because ir helps to create memorable characters. Stop with the woke shit, because actual players want to not hear about trannies/homosexuals/women for once in a modern triple A title.


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