55 thoughts on “This game is literally impossible.”

  1. >Gets boring after a hour
    >lacks variation for the base goblins
    >there is no rape fodder
    >can’t research or build
    I liked the concept, but it feels like an arcade game than a management game, I’m still waiting for the dungeon siege rape sim.

  2. […]

    normally not a fan of high pitched jap rape squeals but seeing my goblins chilling in the kitchen while I’m serenaded by them in the rape dungeon down the hallway is kino

  3. Some protips as I’ve played bith GB games extensively:

    1) You’re supposed to die and restart in NG+ with your remaining goblins, permanent stats upgrades and items, some of the endgame shit is just nearly impossible without really good stats even on your canon fodder

    2) Attack ranges of units matter, a unit with Range 3 can hit the back row of the enemy while a unit with Range 1 can’t attack at all if it’s in your back row (so an enemy Unit with Range 1 or 2 can get attacked by your Range 3 mages and won’t do any damage back)

    3) Put your best fucks on the defensive as any defensive loss leads to game over

    4) During def battles, don’t just attack blindly and die, if they have overwhelming force just guard you auto win def battles after 5 turns

    5) Put your best traps on all the time, unlock all 3 traps slots via sacrifices, they help a lot

  4. >lose because I forgot to unfuck my GBDF
    >game throws up a dozen buttons with moonspeak, click a random one
    >get sent to day 1 with all my goblins intact
    I don’t know if that affects the game in other ways but you can just ng+ it if you fail

  5. I’d play the reverse, human men fucking goblin or other fantasy or beast race females
    don’t get the stuff like this. Is it a cuckold thing?

    • why is it always cuck this and cuck that? can’t even enjoy regular old degradation without some homosexual equating it to cuckshit anymore

      • I am unironically handsome and do find the whole ugly man/creature thing baffling
        I guess that’s part of the humiliation thing and I really can’t understand it

    • Its a degradation thing. Its for people who get off on women being abused and humiliated. There’s not a market for the reverse.

  6. That looks great, thanks for bringing it up OP. I’ve always wanted a game that combines my two passions: rape and autistic base management.


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