58 thoughts on “This game would’ve been better with a male MC”

    • The fact that Jill can’t help herself from getting wet in the vicinity of this creature is the most grounded and believable part of her character, honestly.

    • Wait what happened I thought it was because the devs were trying to run away from forced labour at the oil fields or some shit.

  1. This game is basically stuck in limbo. People shit on the game because Jill just talks about her lesbian gf but If Jill was straight you homosexuals would complain about her talking about men the entire game but if Jill was a man we wouldn’t have gotten such a cutie. It’s the inevitable fate of having a female protagonist whose sexuality is central to the story. The ideal choice would be to have a cute girl who doesn’t know what sex is or a guy with a cute girlfriend

    • It’s the inevitable fate of being a video game discussed on Ganker. Someone is going to find something wrong with literally anything.

    • >a cute girl who doesn’t know what sex is
      Foe what purpose? What does it improve upon a story about human relationships to pretend that sex doesn’t exist? Jill’s sexuality (not her sexual preferences, the mere fact that she is aware of and openly thinks about sex) is part of what makes her feel like a real character instead of a mass-produced anime waifu.

      • >thinly veiled
        It’s not veiled, at all. Jill unambiguously has a crush on Dana. The best ending of the game is getting them both together.
        If you’re triggered by that, why the fuck did you even play it?
        >implying you did

          • Well, a quick, cursory google search about the game would’ve revealed that it’s a VN with a story and expressly not a gacha kusoge where the only goal is to satisfy the player through vicarious self-inserting and that the girls as they appear in the collab are completely out-of-character for that purpose.

          • She’s mostly surrounded by women and, even then, she really only thirsts for Dana and thinks Alma is hot, which of course is not only understandable, but also doesn’t go anywhere because Alma NWFs her hard in her ending.

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