71 thoughts on “this is marchi, say something nice about her”

  1. I’m still fucking baffled at their ability to make one of the sexiest fucking heroes in Dota with absolute fucking dumptruck of an ass (Luna) look like ManlyMcManface in the anime.
    Like, I’m fucking astounded at their ability to do it.

  2. I wonder how her voice lines will work since she’s mute. it’ll be really funny if they do some sort of "only the person playing her can hear her" thing, because after all these years of people saying dota was stealing from lol, they would actually finally be stealing something from lol

  3. Was there really not a better choice from the anime? She just punches hard.
    Even the elf chick would have been more interesting.

  4. I wish they’d release another character like Techies. When I say "like Techies", I don’t mean a character who places mines, but rather a character whose playstyle is basically antithetical to your standard position 1-5 gameplay.
    Techies doesn’t give a shit about gold, death, or even items really. All Techies cares about is time and turning the enemy team into the dota equivalent of schizos off their meds. I want another character like that.

  5. >Cute and cool
    >Is basically female Oddjob
    Strongly approve. If this were League it’d be a lot less cool but because DotA has a way more diverse character roster this is fine since a ordinary looking human is not as stale here.

  6. >Spend years saying how your game is way better than league because it doesn’t pander to coomers
    >Game has die so hard that you proceed to release literally characters taken straight from league
    The absolute state of this game


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