46 thoughts on “This isn’t a dragon. It’s a wyvern.”

  1. Wyvernborn
    Wyvern cult(ist)

    I bet an autist could make a mod that corrects those clearly atrocious mislabels in the game. Bonus points for every spoken "dragon" being replaced by a pouting kid voice that just speaks over the dialogue lines. All of them.

  2. i laugh at drakengard 3 because the "wyverns" there are basically snakes with wings while dragons are wyverns. except mikhail hates "wyverns" despite technically being one himself

  3. A ‘dragon’ is whatever the writer wants it to be. People EXPECT a dragon to be a large, winged, fire-breathing lizard, but a dragon can also be a small, wingless, nothing-breathing serpent. Or just ‘a guy’, sometimes, albeit people being dragons is more metaphorical usually, it’s a sign of how important they are. A four-legged big lizard thing with no wings is as much a dragon as a two-legged, two-winged creature is. Wyvern and drake and all that are interchangeable words these days and only incredibly asinine people try to apply taxonomy to an entirely fictional species. Within a universe, maybe it makes sense, but between different universes, what a ‘dragon’ is is up to the author.


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