24 thoughts on “Thoughts on the PS1 aesthetic revival?”

  1. its not a fucking aesthetic fucking retarded monkeys
    this is how games had to look back then so they could run on a fucking ps1
    looks like absolute shit btw

  2. >ps1 aesthetic
    This is a mixel equivalent of 3D graphics.

    Absolutely lazy way to go and extra hilarious when Blender kiddies cannot rig low-poly joint to save their life.

  3. I like it
    Games look too realistic nowadays, I think it hurts creativity.
    ps1 is a bit too low though, I think peace walker has one of the best low poly aesthetics

  4. Pretentious, lazy, derivative, meaningless.
    I’d bet everyone who does this has watched the same tutorial video on youtube.
    Sure, you can just say "it’s an artstyle! It’s a style choice!" but when it’s someone else’s style and someone else who made the choices, AND it looks like dogshit to begin with anyway… I don’t feel like I’m being unreasonable when I say this needs to die and stay dead. Too old to look good, too new to be charming, it will only ever be enjoyed by a small pocket of blind nostalgiahomosexuals.


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