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  1. The thumbs-up sign had been used by the Galactic Federation for ages. Me, I was known for giving the thumbs-down during briefing.

    I had my reasons, though… Commander Adam Malkovich was normally cool and not one to joke around, but he would end all of his mission briefings by saying, "Any objections, Lady?" He was joking, but others weren’t… At the time I felt surrounded by people who treated me like a child or used kid gloves because I was a woman.

    And yet, with Adam, I was grateful for the nod… My past has left me with an uneasy soul, and as a result, it touched me on some level that Adam would acknowledge that past by calling me something delicate—like "Lady." And I knew more than anyone that every word from Adam was deliberate. My thumbs-down was a twofold response—a sign of derision at being called a lady, and a signal of my complete understanding of the mission orders. The other soldiers were always willing to support me with easy smiles despite the fact that I clearly had so much yet to learn. Among them was Anthony.

    In the face of his well-meaning behavior, and that of the other soldiers, my response was to become increasingly bitter. I was a child, always with something to prove. A chip on my shoulder.

    And I was angry. I felt that if I let my guard down, I would easily be broken. And beyond that, I was scared. But even in the naivete of my youth, I could see in Adam’s joking manner how close he felt to me.

    Adam knows my past. And he knows me better than anyone else.

    Confession time. Because I was so young when I lost both of my parents, there’s no question I saw Adam as a father figure. When I rebelled against him, I knew I could get away with it. And his paternal compassion in the face of my rebellion reinforced the special bond I felt with him.

    I understood well that chances were slim that I would ever find anyone that understood me like Adam. And yet… When the time came, I still left his side. I was so young. Young and naive…

  2. I remember the gameplay not being very good. It was most of the time a clunky piece of shit and other times a random point and click on some random object that’s barely visible.

  3. Other M gameplay is nothing special and pretty much the poster child for style over substance.
    That being said that style of Samus combat was actually pretty good and went on to be used by subsequent games, including Metroid Dread.

  4. >team ninja game with only one attack button and no combos
    >mash dpad to get free dodges’ no need for timing
    >missiles an health are literally free
    >completely linear with very little exploration
    >Literally just have to look at the final boss to kill it
    Ok retard

  5. >gameplay matters
    >hold the control sideways, moving the character in 4 directions in a fully 3D environment
    >point the wiimote at the bar to shoot missiles
    >tilt the wiimote upwards to recharge
    >frames drop from 60 to 30 once it gets too cluttered

    It’s a good thing that the gameplay also sucked dick.

  6. other M was a shitty game and the story only made it worse because it ties directly into the gameplay progression. if you found traditional "powerups" familiar to the metroid series it would be only a tiny bit less shitty. it would still make you roll your eyes with a non-existent story. the fact that "adam" has to give you the powerups makes it seem so much worse. why the fuck would she run through a lava pit when she literally has to press a button to enable varia suit. the game is shit but the story makes it so much worse in so many ways. context is everything, and finding "the item you need" in a video game is something that makes video games enjoyable. when the context is "you already have everything you’re just not allowed to use it because daddy-issues san says so" it makes it a lot less fun. also the game is a shit

    • I know story reasons Adam mentioned consequences but I refuse to believe what negative effects a heat shield would have. Surely he’d allow that whenever. Not when you’re almost done with the area.

  7. But the gameplay was horrible
    Is this just a time thing? People that played this garbage when they were 10 are now old enough to think their rose-tinted views are objectively correct?

  8. >It’s another of Ganker being contrarian because of a sequel

    Are threads gonna start popping defending Other M now that Dread is out?

  9. I’m pretty sure people mainly complaining about the gameplay when this launch with the story being the secondary complaint and easy meme factory generator.

    • The sleek tactical outfits they wore clashed horriblly against Samus’ chozo power suit. At least Retro Studios made their design like it would fit in the Metroid Universe.

  10. What good gameplay in Other M? Dodging is literally consequence free in that game. You can only shoot missiles in first person for some reason. The beams stack together for some reason. You literally have infinite healing. It’s terrible.

    • But you’re wrong anon. You don’t use the D-Pad when shooting missiles. They somehow managed to make it the most impossible to use system. I loved using the D pad. I hated the quick time events, missile shooting and the where’s waldo moments.


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