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  1. >I’m trying to passively impress some BPD "gamer girl" whore with vidya tattoos and get a "like" from her on your instagram post
    I guarantee this is the true impetus of every single homosexuals gamer tattoos

  2. In angient china there were three punishments that were considered the most defiling.
    Feet amputation
    Getting tattoed

  3. So back in 2007-2011 I worked in a games store, used to work next to a heavy tatted guy with matching sleeves who was in a local prog metal band.
    He wan an alright dude, pretty chill, also played a bit of of oblivion now and then but mainly into music and a heavy old skool metalhead.

    So one day we’re working the till’s slow day, it’s a cold october and we get trapped in a convo with a customer, he spies me m8’s sleeve and gets on about it, starts talking about anime, the singer says "aye that japanese shit’s a bit gay not for me" but he goes on.
    He insists on showing us his sick Dragonball tat of Vegeta in which he precedes to remove his shirt in store at fucking 11:30, he takes it off to reveal his back and on it I saw the worst tat I’ve ever seen in my life.
    It was awful, I managed to control myself but the singer who was in his mid 30’s couldn’t hold it in and laughed hard. It was a brutally awkward 2 minutes while the lad buttoned up his shirt, put on his hoodie and paid for his PS3 game.

    Never again will I see a tat soo poor, never again will I respect an anime/vidya tat. They’re all trash.
    It’s not worth it. Don’t do it to yourself.


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