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  1. >change is… LE BAD
    I can understand why disease and war and even excess pleasure could be considered bad but what does Tzeentch do wrong exactly?

  2. i am new to the warhammer fandom but tzeentch sure does have a lot of fanboys
    is he the most popular of the chaos gods or something?
    even moreso than khorne?

    • Tzeentch is pretty unique so a lot of people like him. Khorne is very straightforward and was the poster boy for Chaos in both Fantasy and 40k forever, so he sort of gets the "vanilla faction" treatment. Nurgle is the current "face" of 40k Chaos so he’s gets a similar thing to Khorne, although his fanbase is pretty based. Slaanesh is difficult to spotlight because GW are careful to try and curate a "Rated Teen" facade so he gets the least screentime.

  3. at least its finally something other than "not china" shit
    wish bugmen had their own platform of everything so companies could pander to them somewhere where i dont have to see it
    that the game is gonna launch without chaos dwarves, but with "totally not china number 1" is a crime against humanity

    • >>lol the dragon emperor is so powerful he could totally defeat Chaos single-handedly, because we need to allude to his divinity with our China analogies
      >>so why doesn’t he? because then there wouldn’t be a game, stupid
      >The End Times happened


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