>watching a speedrun gameplay from a favorite videogame. >"WOW DUDE I HATE THIS GAME SO MUCH"

>watching a speedrun gameplay from a favorite videogame
>"Hey, 420DeezNuts69 thanks for the subscribe!"
>"DUDE what the fuck was that?"
>OMG bro, this run sucks
>*continues complaining about the game even when he's ahead of his time*

I really miss when they uploaded their speedrun without commentary

  1. 5 days ago

    >watching a speedrun

    • 5 days ago

      cope cringe

    • 5 days ago

      fpbp OP continues his uninterrupted streak of felonious cock sucking

      • 5 days ago
  2. 5 days ago

    The whole episode was about Megan Thee Stallion it is really iconic they actually made She-Hulk twerk on misogyny while telling it how it is to Bruce when he was trying to control her by using her anger

  3. 5 days ago

    Apparently doing a simultaneous local record of the isolated game feed when they're live streaming is beyond them for some reason.

  4. 5 days ago

    >watching non-pozed GDQ some year
    >Ardy Lightfoot speedrun
    >my favorite snes game
    >speedrunner complaining the whole time the game was garbage
    And know they are all trans, they got what they fucking deserve

    • 5 days ago

      >that Jak 1 speedrunner who was cracking jokes with his friends during his entire segment
      >everyone loved the guy
      >GDQ bans him from future events because his relatively mild jokes were apparently too risque
      I guess he wasn't enough of a dysgenic failure for them.

      • 5 days ago

        It had to be him telling everyone watching to tweet @AirCanada: Blame Canada.
        Since GDQ staff actually sent Air Canada a preemptive apology and then looked like idiots when Air Canada didn't get spammed.

  5. 5 days ago

    The golden era of speedruns is pretty much long gone, but might come back in the long run. I think people are starting to see through the mentally ill bullshit for example, the mentally ill should play in handicap olympics or stick to their assigned genetic gender. I'm pretty sure if you stick a now Olympic game recognize kickbox/muay thai chud vs a woman match that shit will not go down right.

  6. 5 days ago

    before it was
    >commented speedrun explaining how and why he does the tricks that he does
    >various trivia comments about the game and its development
    now its fucking cancer
    >omg did u hear what xxgaymoronxx said? yas he shouldnt be allowed to play
    >omg thanks for subscribing, like, yesterday i was sad because i was like no subs now im happy
    ive seen this said exactly

  7. 5 days ago

    Man the new Resident Evil DLC looks fire! Are the Dimitrescu Daughters gonna join the twerk off too?

  8. 5 days ago

    if you cant constantly talk about how dogshit the game is that you have 3000 hours in, are you really gaming?

  9. 5 days ago

    just look for one without commentary, it's not that hard

  10. 5 days ago

    you played the game a couple of times casually (fun) while those autists played it for 1000s of hours "competitively" (work, not fun), it's not that hard to understand. also video of lady d twerking??

  11. 5 days ago

    >TAS Commentary
    >Listening to the author describe the tricks he does in detail while snapping the game over his knee

  12. 5 days ago

    Why are their asses so fat

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